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Your summer of video marketing made easy

/ Nitesh Dutt

Want to boost your brand and drive sales with an amazing summer of video marketing? Not sure where to get started? Have no fear, WeVideo is here!

Want great content for the rest of the year? Download your FREE 2021 Marketing Calendar today!

Here are a few days, plus examples, to help you kickstart your summer of video marketing for the month of June. Create social media posts around these days, promos to highlight deals you have and prepare your brand for a summer boost. 

Easily create video to support and celebrate Pride Month

June 4 - National Donut Day

June 21 - Father’s Day

Boost your brand this Father’s Day and Graduation

June 25 - Take Your Dog to Work Day 

June 29 - Camera Day

June 30 - Social Media Day

Want more video marketing ideas to make an impact throughout summer and beyond? Download your FREE marketing calendar now to find ideas for the remainder of the year!