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Billed annually at $59.88

  • Publish 30 min/mo.
  • 20 GB storage
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Templates & motion titles

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Billed annually at $95.88

Everything in Power, plus:
  • Unlimited publish time
  • Unlimited storage
  • 4k Ultra HD resolution

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Billed annually at $239.88

Everything in Unltd, plus:
  • Unlimited stock usage
  • Brand management
  • Premium templates
  • 4k Ultra HD resolution



Billed annually at $443.88

Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Team license (3 seats)
  • Collaboration tools
  • User management
  • Create your own templates


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Everything in Bus, plus:
  • Dedicated rendering environment
  • White-glove service
  • Bi-annual product training
  • Flexible, team-based pricing

Compare WeVideo plans and features

Key features Free Power Unlimited Professional Business
Publish time 5 min/month 30 min/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud storage 1 GB 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max video resolution 480p 720p HD* 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD
Save to any device
Multiple video formats
GIF creator
Export audio only
Screen recording
No WeVideo watermark
Audio boost
Slow motion
Motion titles and templates
Record screen and webcam together
Upload directly to social
Manage your brand
Unlimited use of stock media library
Create your own templates
Add more users
Collaborate and share projects
Manage user permissions
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Frequently asked questions

Upgrading is easy! Just click on the upgrade button located on the My Account tab and then follow the steps that appear.

Every WeVideo account, including free accounts, features a remarkable suite of creative features including Picture-in-Picture and the ability to use your own music, all at no charge. When you upgrade to a premium plan, you gain significantly more publishing time and cloud storage, support for higher resolution video, as well as access to a huge list of additional features such as green screen, slow motion controls, broadcast-quality motion titles, screen recording, and an expanded library of license-free music. More details are available here.

Absolutely! All WeVideo users can edit up to 4K footage in WeVideo. In fact, you can import almost any type of footage and freely mix and match with the more than 600 audio, video, and graphics media formats supported by WeVideo. See the complete list here. Unlimited subscribers can publish their videos in 1080p and 4K Ultra HD at no additional charge. Users with a Flex or Power account can purchase 1080p and 4K publish upgrades on an as-needed basis.

When you are done editing your video, the next step is to “publish—our way of saying combine all the elements of your movie into a final MP4 file—at the resolution you want, so that you can share it anywhere. Publish time is the duration of your published videos. Look to the plan comparison chart on total available publish time per plan. For example, 1 hour per month will allow you to publish 20 videos that are each three minutes long, 12 videos that are each five minutes long, or any other combination that adds up to your total available publish time. Publish time is not affected by the amount of time you can spend working in the editor and/or the duration of your media assets. More information is available here.

You can easily keep track of your available storage from the My Account page when you are logged in to WeVideo. The media files uploaded to your account—e.g. video, audio, photos, etc.—take up storage space. Published videos also take up storage space. You can easily reclaim storage space by deleting published videos and media assets that you are no longer using. In addition, more storage is available by upgrading your account.

Subscriptions automatically renew based on the term you selected when you created your account, either monthly or annually, until cancelled. You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” button on the WeVideo Account tab. When you cancel your subscription, you will retain full access to your account and its full features until the end of your paid term.

No. The time for most WeVideo plans gets reset every month. The exceptions to this are Flex plans which are limited to 20 minutes total cumulative publish time used anytime during the 12 month duration of the plan.

WeVideo is all about sharing! When you publish your video, WeVideo can simultaneously and automatically send it to your preferred social media and sharing sites such as YouTube and Facebook. You can also download your video for local viewing and sharing.

Absolutely! Your videos are yours to use. Just remember that copyright and trademark laws must still be followed. All music provided from the WeVideo music library is licensed for the free use of our subscribers.

Yes you can. WeVideo users on Professional and Business plans can upload their brand elements to be available at all times on WeVideo. Users can upload their brand logo to use as a watermark, select colors via the color grid or pick the exact color by entering the hex code and select up to three specific fonts from the WeVideo library that align with your brand.

Start making videos for free by downloading WeVideo from the App Store or Google Play Store. Want more features and publish time? Upgrade to one of several paid plans that fits your video needs.

Single Teacher


Single-user plan specifically made for K-12 educators

School or district

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Per user, or per building pricing for grade, school or district implementations

Why educators love WeVideo

The most meaningful learning moments I’ve observed with WeVideo are the students trying to figure out solutions to problems on their own or wanting to do something differently that’s outside of the box.

Photo of Rhona McFayden

Rhona McFadyen 8th Grade Teacher, Dartmouth Middle School

Things that students are going to be required to do in life are not content specific. So looking at collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving, ultimately, I think WeVideo is one of those tools that allows us to really assess students and prepare them for the future.

Photo of Bari Reabine

Bari Rabine House Master / Assistant Principal, Fairfield Ludlowe High School

WeVideo ties into our 21st-century initiative by making students autonomous with their learning. They’re able to project their critical thinking skills, access information quickly and easily, and work collaboratively with peers.

Photo of Randy Martino

Randy Martino Dartmouth Middle School

See how WeVideo is built for education

Individual Free Plan WeVideo for Teachers WeVideo for Schools
WeVideo Basics Best for individuals who want their first taste of WeVideo Best for individuals teachers who want the power of full creativity Best fit and price for schools and districts with large student bodies
Available seats 1 1 30 or more
Cloud storage 1 GB 50 GB 5 GB per seat
Max video resolution 480p Standard HD Standard HD
Royalty-free video library Not available Unlimited use of 460K+ videos Unlimited use of 460K+ videos
Royalty-free music library 22 songs Unlimited use of 125K+ music assets Unlimited use of 125K+ music assets
Royalty-free image library Not available Unlimited use of 415K+ images Unlimited use or 415K+ images
Voice recording
Full screen preview and editing
No WeVideo watermark
VIP processing
Quick Recorder chrome extension Unlimited recording of 5 min length Unlimited recording of unlimited length Unlimited recording of unlimited length
Advanced editing tools
Screen recording tools
Create podcasts
Create GIFs
Green screen tools
Access on iOS, Android, and Web
Cloud sync
Motion titles
Record screen and webcam at the same time
Assignment and assessment
Project management n/a
Classroom dashboard n/a
Analytics per user n/a
Inline comments for peer review n/a
Real-time collaboration n/a
Schoolwide management
Google Docs™ integration
Education templates
Secure walled garden n/a
Deployment with G-Suite or 0365 n/a
Google classroom integration n/a
Reporting and analytics n/a
Customizable user roles n/a
Schoology, Canvas and ClassLink LMS integration n/a
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Frequently asked questions

WeVideo for Schools was designed specifically for an education environment and schools, teachers and students. The account is managed by school technology or teaching staff and purpose-built to provide students an environment for creation and collaboration that meets strict privacy and security regulations. More than just a video editor, WeVideo sparks creativity with tools for collaboration, green screen, podcasting, simultaneous screen and webcam recording, and much more. Students learn through revision and iteration with peer review tools like inline comments, combined edits which allows students to collaborate on projects.

WeVideo for Schools is offered as a multi-user license that is priced per user. When you purchase one license, it provides a bundle of "accounts" (also called "seats"). Therefore you purchase a license based on the number of users you would like to accommodate. Every teacher, student, or administrator using the system will need their own login and should be considered a unique user. Volume discounts are available for school and district purchases, and those discounts increase with the number of users included in an order. The minimum purchase is a 30 seat license. Although there is a minimum number of seats required for an EDU purchase, this plan is designed to accommodate any number of users up to 30.

Everyone using WeVideo for Schools (eg. teachers, students and technology staff) requires their own account login. Each login is considered a seat and is a unique account (or user). These seats can be allocated to a user and reallocated to a new person at no additional cost (for example at the end of a school year or when a student leaves a district). Learn more.

Yes. WeVideo for Schools allows your organization to re-assign seats. This is often done at the start of the year to allow incoming students to take seats that have opened up as last year's students have graduated, changed schools or classes. Learn more.

No. Every WeVideo for Schools user is a member (or seat) in the account and needs to have their own unique login for their privacy and protection. Login sharing is also a violation of our Terms of Use. The same rules apply to WeVideo individual accounts. Every user is required to have their own unique login/seat.

We are signatories of the well-known and rigorous Student Privacy Pledge. Student data is not collected, stored or shared. We are fully compliant with laws protecting the privacy of minors using online services, including COPPA and FERPA federal laws and many state laws. A WeVideo for Schools account is managed by school staff, and allows the account administrator to control student membership, sharing and activities. Our Privacy policy is here. Our Terms of Use agreement is here.

WeVideo is fully committed to the success of its education users. Our responsive, expert education support staff is available to all paid WeVideo for Schools account holders. Our online Resources for Educators provides ready-to-use lesson plans, tutorials, tips and tricks. We also provide WeVideo Academy, a fully stocked web resource full of easy to follow videos on everything from getting started to mastering advanced features. We also offer professional development services directly and through some amazing partners. Contact education sales for more info.

Absolutely! You can edit complex videos on Chromebook, PC, or Mac and seamlessly continue projects between all of these so students are never bound to a single device. For on-the-go creation, you can use our mobile apps on any iOS and Android device. You can read about our system requirements here.

Yes. Visit our pricing for education page and select the number of seats that you need. Click on “Get a quote” and follow the steps. After you complete the form, we will instantly generate a quote for you. When you are ready to purchase, you can retrieve your quote and convert that to an order. Have more questions? Contact WeVideo Education Sales.

A school, school district, university or other educational institution can purchase WeVideo for Schools with a purchase order or with a credit card. The price and quote generator on this page will take you through the steps to create a quote or pro forma invoice which you can share, modify or download. You will also find a link to our W9 and payment options. If you need assistance with a purchase, please reach out to us here.

Visit our pricing for education page, click on “Get a quote”, enter the number of seats you need and follow the steps. After you complete the information to get a quote, we will instantaneously generate a link which you can share with your decision makers and your procurement or business office so that they can complete the payment. You can also download the quote, pro-forma invoice and W9 to share via email or in print. Questions? Contact WeVideo Education Sales.

We're here to help you. Contact WeVideo Education Sales and include the name and email address of the school staff member to whom the WeVideo for Schools account is registered.

It will autorenew when your annual subscription is over. You may cancel before your subscription is over, if you do not want it to renew.

The WeVideo for Teachers plan allows teachers to publish up to 30 hours of video per month. The WeVideo for Schools plan allows every user to publish on average an hour of video per month, which is pooled across all members (i.e. 30 seats will share 30 hours per month). Published video refers to a video edit that is complete and has been rendered into a final video. There is no limit on how long users can work in the application. If you think your school or district will exceed the publishing limit, contact WeVideo Education Sales for assistance.

Yes. WeVideo for Schools has built-in domain level sync with Office 365 and G-Suite. There is additional integration with Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Microsoft OneDrive, with more to come.

Yes, but they are not intended for education groups. We know our school users might only do one or two projects per year, therefore our annual plans for education are heavily discounted to accommodate these requirements. Our monthly plans do not offer WeVideo's significant educational discount. It is also important to note that WeVideo for Schools includes significant, purpose-built features for schools. These features are not present in individual WeVideo plans. These capabilities include stringent adherence to privacy and protection policies for students, assessment tools for teachers, and robust administration and management capabilities that scale to meet classroom, campus-wide and entire district requirements.

WeVideo is fully compliant with GDPR as of May 25, 2018. We currently collect the following personally identifiable information - first name, last name, and email. The data is stored and accessed securely during the term of the contract. All data access is through secure SSL protocols. WeVideo maintains strict access control to ensure data is only accessible by users who have rights to it. On contract termination, all user data is securely returned and destroyed as directed by the user. WeVideo uses user data only for the purpose of fulfilling its duties under the agreement and does not share such data with or disclose it to any third party, except as required by law. WeVideo certifies that there has never been an instance where there has been a data breach or failure to comply with the data security agreement with a customer. For full details on WeVideo’s GDPR compliance, read our Privacy Policy.

All education plans include unlimited creation time in the account. WeVideo for Schools accounts also offer ample publish time and storage. For a 30-seat account, there is 30 hours/month of publishing time and 150 GB of storage shared amongst the users. The publish time and storage increases with additional seats. For the WeVideo for Teachers account, there is 30 hours/month of publishing time and 50 GB of storage. WeVideo for Schools and WeVideo for Teacher plans allows for videos to export in Standard HD.

Classroom Pro

Starts at $299/yr

For individual instructors looking to implement a more dynamic learning experience.

Institutional / Dept.

Contact us

For individual instructors looking to implement a more dynamic learning experience.

District / Enterprise

Contact us

For districts & organizations looking to optimize their interactive video goals.

Why businesses love WeVideo

Every educator deserves access to top-rated professional learning support. PlayPosit brings our person-to-person coaching model to life asynchronously. The New Teacher Center is proud to be able to offer partners engaging, community-based learning experiences that work for them without sacrificing quality.

New Teacher Center

Easy to use and infinitely more impactful than traditional learning environments.


PlayPosit has revolutionized my distance education courses and given them an interactivity as students watch my lecture and other videos that we simply did not have before.

Dr. John Kuzenski Professor, NC State University

The features in PlayPosit have been a hit here in DC Public Schools because they allow for all learners–students and adults– to engage with learning in an alternative format.

Sakon Kieh Director of Educational Technology, DCPS

See how PlayPosit is built for you

Classroom Pro Institution/Dept District/Enterprise
Core Features
Core Instructional Design Studio
Broadcast for synchronous delivery
Accessibility support
Learner-made bulbs
Branching logic
Unlimited bulb viewers
Learning Object Library for re-use
HLS adaptive bitrate streaming
Multi-user Features
Multiple instructor accounts
Collaboration tools
User roles & permissions
Question banks
Peer review
Live bulbs
WeVideo integration
Pull WeVideo videos into PP
LTI integration
Single Sign-On
Roster Sync
Gradebook Sync
Multiple LMS roles
Private video host integration
Training & Support
Knowledge Base Access
Asynchronous training
Customer Success Manager
Instructional Design Office Hourse
Custom Virtual Training Workshops
Enterprise Features
White-labeling (custom branding)
Professional learning suite
Cross-site collaboration
SLA with 99.9% uptime guarantee
Purchase Online Request custom quote Request custom quote

Frequently asked questions

Instructors upgrade to Pro because they want unlimited bulb attempts, the ability to upload videos, get advanced bulb customization options, access powerful analytics tools, and deliver Broadcast or Learner Made Bulbs.

Organizations upgrade to Institutional licenses because they want to integrate with Learning Management Systems like Canvas, Blackboard, and Schoology, get personalized support for their instructors and learners, and whitelabel the PlayPosit experience.

No, sharing individual accounts is not permitted. Each instructor needs to have their own PlayPosit account to leverage the full benefits of the platform!

Pro accounts can be paid for via credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay only.

As a free user, you’ll still have access to all of your content. However, a free account is limited to 100 student attempts per month. Once you reach this limit, students will not be able to submit more responses until the first of the next month.

If you go over your video upload limit, you will be charged according to the amount you have gone over. Be aware that if your learners upload video as part of their bulb attempts, whether for Learner Made Bulbs or through the rich text editor in the player, then that will be charged to your account.

You cannot archive classes or bulb attempts to reset your monthly quota. If you hit your limit of 100 bulb attempts, we recommend upgrading your account to Pro.

Once you reach this limit, learners will not be able to submit more responses until the first of the next month.

Direct upload videos are videos that have been uploaded to the PlayPosit web app.

Instructors can directly upload videos as:

  • A bulb’s video source
  • Within interactions

Learners can directly upload videos as:

  • A learner-made bulb’s video source
  • Within interactions
  • A response to any interaction that allows rich text

You can delete a bulb or delete/replace a bulb’s video source, but it will still count towards your video upload quota.

Free accounts can only use YouTube or Vimeo videos within bulbs and are not able to upload any videos.

PlayPosit creates optimized versions of the following video file types for different devices and connection speeds:

  • MP4
  • M4V
  • MPG
  • MOV
  • WEBM
  • MKV
  • AVI
  • FLV

Free accounts can only use YouTube or Vimeo videos within bulbs and are not able to upload any videos.