How to create fun and easy text overlays

/ Max Thorpe

In this feature-packed episode of Tuesday Tips & Tricks, you'll see a 7-minute excerpt of an interview with Yukiko Taylor, Owner of Olycurl Hair Salon, on how she uses WeVideo to enrich her business. You can check out the full interview where Yukiko goes into detail on how WeVideo has helped her save time and money by expediting her introduction process with new clientele.

Yukiko takes full advantage of WeVideo's static text options and motion titles for a variety of overlays and subtitles. At (17:07) Max and Tyler go over how to add animated text overlays using static text, solid backgrounds, and animation in WeVideo to create the video you see below.

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At (28:30), Tyler and Max demonstrate how to add subtitles to your video and then wrap things up by demonstrating how to move clips in bulk and push them further down the timeline.