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Rep your brand and grow your audience with our YouTube video maker. More clicks, more views & more revenue for your YouTube channel — no video editing experience needed!

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Start with a template, publish in no time

Video ads, tutorials, reactions, unboxings…make ‘em all with our video maker for YouTube! Start with a pro-designed YouTube video template and then customize it to fit your brand.

No matter your channel's niche, viewership, or content, you'll find creative video templates ready for editing. Make a few tweaks and export directly to your YouTube account.

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Studio-quality effects to earn those likes

Put your creativity toward brainstorming, writing scripts, and bringing the personality — not on endless Google searches to figure out complicated editing techniques.

WeVideo’s pro-level options require zero experience. (Hello, green screen, voiceover, screen recording, and motion titles!) Access all these key features from any desktop or mobile device.

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Your ideas + our assets = top content

What do targeted YouTube ads, off-the-cuff YouTube Shorts, and regular ole YouTube videos have in common? They could all use a little added pizzazz!

Take your content ideas (and your winning personality) and combine 'em with our massive stock library. Choose from 1M+ videos, photos, audio tracks, and sound effects to take your channel to the top.

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The best YouTube video editor for teams

For businesses big and small, there's no shortage of must-have YouTube content. But who has time to do it all themselves?

Give your entire team the power to create bingeable YouTube videos with WeVideo. Set user roles, share a Brand Kit, and collaborate on projects for lightning-fast video creation that's 100% on brand.

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Why use WeVideo’s video maker for YouTube?

Multi-track editing Multi-track editing

Simple talking head video? Easy. Complex video with picture-in-picture clips and animated text all over the place? Piece of cake! Trim, layer, and arrange tracks to perfection.

Intros & end screens Intros & end screens

Help viewers recognize your channel instantly by having a unique YouTube intro and outro to anchor on. Make your clips once and then share them across videos!

All the audio All the audio

You've uploaded video footage and added make it sing with audio. Add music clips, mix in sound effects, and adjust the levels to wow your audience.

For YouTube & more For YouTube & more

To maximize your marketing ROI, take your video content beyond YouTube! Reformat any video's dimensions and resolution so it's perfectly shareable on social media.

On-brand channels On-brand channels

Our video editor keeps your channel on point so viewers know what to expect. Upload your logo and other brand assets and instantly apply them to all content.

Editing on any device Editing on any device

Push out viral content from your office or on the go with our cloud-based video maker for YouTube. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iOS, and Android!

How to make a video for YouTube

With our video maker, it's dealer's choice. Start your YouTube video from scratch or pick a pro-designed YouTube video template.

Upload your own photos and videos, then drag and drop to the video editor to get started.

Ask yourself one question: what kind of content does your channel audience crave? Then make it happen with our video editor.

Hook their attention with a cool YouTube intro. Add custom text with animated transitions. Fade in some music from our stock library and then layer your webcam recording on top.

Once you're done with the video editing magic, choose your resolution (from 720p to 4K) and download your video to your device.

If you just can't wait to get that sweet thumbs-up from all your viewers, publish your video directly to your YouTube channel or social media instead.
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Frequently asked questions about YouTube videos

With over 800 million videos on YouTube, there's no shortage of video ideas to go around. Here are some of the most popular video types:
  • Tutorial videos: There’s an audience searching YouTube for your expertise. Give viewers what they want with how-to videos that educate, inspire, and generate traffic to your business.
  • Challenge videos: Viewers love a good challenge, even if that "challenge" is perhaps a bit nonsensical. Take literally anything related to your business and then throw "challenge" into the video title.
  • Product videos: Product videos are hugely popular on YouTube. Cash in on your reviews and recommendations with affiliate marketing, and get people familiar with your brand or business at the same time.
  • Business videos: Start a YouTube brand account and create videos that show what your business is all about. Give a demo of how your product is made or create a customer testimonial that builds trust.
  • Video ads: Get more eyes on your business by making a YouTube video ad. Drive traffic to your website, increase leads, and build brand awareness with our YouTube video editor.
The list goes on, too: company culture videosexplainer videos, unboxings, behind the scenes, sketch comedies, rants and raves... Just poke around a few YouTube channels in your niche to get even more ideas.

Check out WeVideo's free plan! With our free YouTube video editor, you'll have access to all the advanced features loved by businesses and influencers alike. You know, things like screen recorder, green screen, text animations, and all those other fancy video editing and video-making options.

Please keep in mind that our free version does include limitations on video publishing time and that all videos will have a watermark. To avoid these, try a paid plan — starting with a free trial so you can get a no-pressure feel for our video editor.

Video making and editing is certainly a fun and fulfilling step toward a successful YouTube channel...but there's a whole lot more that goes into it. To create videos that earn more than a few clicks and a few views, you'll need to put some serious thought into it.

Start by defining some goals for your channel and figuring out your target audience. Who are you hoping to reach, and what kind of professional video content do you need to engage this particular audience? Look at other similar business channels or individual video creators to see the type of content they upload.

As you start shooting and editing videos (try our online video maker!), monitor their performance and adjust your approach accordingly. You can try experimenting with video length, format, content, and tone until you find what lands with your viewers. Don't forget to add channel art and keep your videos on brand!

For more strategy tips, check out this step-by-step guide to start a YouTube channel.

A quick perusal of YouTube will reveal the most scroll-stopping features of a successful video: high-resolution footage, eye-catching motion text, professional-quality audio, and timely animations. Another important feature? Catchy intro cards and compelling end screens. So choose a YouTube movie maker that gives you all of these editing options!

Spoiler alert: WeVideo has these and more. See for yourself by taking our YouTube editor for a free spin.

YouTube is a treasure trove of creative, entertaining, and informational content — but it's also a search engine! Like any other search-based social media platform, optimizing your video content for YouTube SEO will help your channel get found, and it doesn't take a ton of extra work.

Some top tips include putting a target keyword in your YouTube video title (and video file name), always writing out a lengthy video description, tagging your video with additional keywords and relevant categories, uploading an accurate transcript, and utilizing clickable video chapters. During the video editing phase, be sure to make use of end screens to direct viewers to your next must-watch video, too!

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