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Capture attention & inspire action with our online video presentation maker! Whether you need to wow prospects, board members, customers, or new hires, video will make your message stick.

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Easily create memorable video presentations

With our video presentation maker, it’s easy to take a standard presentation and turn up the wow factor — all from your internet browser (or mobile device!).

Green screen, motion titles, webcam + screen recording, animated slide've got everything you need to  create a presentation that people want to watch. 

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Royalty-free assets + ready-made templates

The best video presentations engage the eyes and the ears — and WeVideo offers 1M+ royalty-free videos, photos, and audio clips to make your presentation pop. (If you've got your own slides to upload, those are welcome, too.)

Want a little more help getting started? Start with our pro-designed video presentation templates!

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Put your brand on every presentation

Quarterly reports? Weekly training? Daily huddles? Make 'em all in WeVideo! Share video libraries, save a Brand Kit, and publish unlimited high-res video recordings.

No matter who records or edits your presentation, it will always stay 100% on brand. Take it even further by saving your own custom presentation templates.

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Why use WeVideo's video presentation maker?

Presentation templates Presentation templates

Focus on your script, speaking skills, and call to action — not on the video design! Start with a video template and know that you're creating a presentation that works.

Screen recording + voiceover Screen recording + voiceover

Record a live webinar or create a quick presentation with our screen recording tools. Capture your screen, webcam + audio — or any combo you prefer!

Merge & combine clips Merge & combine clips

Want to stitch together some slides, a short video, and a few images? Easy! Upload all your assets and then trim, split, and merge them 'til they're perfect.

Ideal slide deck dimensions Ideal slide deck dimensions

Create your video presentation in the recommended 16:9 aspect ratio, which displays perfectly on computer monitors, large screens & TVs.

Create + present on any device Create + present on any device

Use our video presentation maker from any internet browser (even on Chromebook!). Or create on the go through our Android and iOS apps.

Animated text & transitions Animated text & transitions

Spice up your video presentation with just the right amount of movement. Choose from dozens of one-click text animations, slide transitions & more.

How to make a video presentation in WeVideo

Upload your existing slides to a new project or create your slide deck from scratch, directly in our video presentation maker.

Then turn on the screen recorder and delight future viewers with your dazzling presentation! Why not make it more personal by capturing your smiling face on the webcam, too?

Add an animated intro, edit out those audio mistakes, and fade in some catchy background music to set the mood. And don't forget to incorporate an end screen with a strong call to action!

Everything is done (and auto-saved) in the cloud — so take your time and have fun with it.

Select your preferred video resolution (up to 4K Ultra HD) and download the file or share it straight to your organization’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, or cloud storage.
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Frequently asked questions

WeVideo’s screen recording feature is available to all WeVideo users, including free accounts. If your presentation is longer than a few minutes, though, you’ll get way more functionality, higher resolution, and more advanced collaboration tools from a Professional or Business plan. Try it for free to see for yourself.

Pretty much anything you can imagine! Businesses and organizations often use video slideshows for:

The bottom line? If you're giving a talk that would benefit from some visuals (and if you'd like to repurpose that talk for future use), then a recorded video presentation is the way to go.

Absolutely! If you’ve already recorded your presentation without the audio (or if your mic died, the kids started screaming, or the file went missing), you can always add narration later in WeVideo.

Just click My media > Narrate and record your voiceover. Then auto-sync it to your video or make manual adjustments as needed.

There are two basic strategies for animating a presentation: 1) add animations within your presentation platform or 2) add them in post-production in WeVideo.

The first route usually entails transitions between slides as well as basic text animations (think PowerPoint’s “dissolve” or a similar effect). The second route gives you more creative freedom, as you can apply fancier video edits like panning and zooming, motion titles, and callouts.

If you use WeVideo as your video presentation maker, then yes! Our online video editor works from your internet browser on any desktop device as well as through our iOS and Android apps.

Make video presentations that impress