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WeVideo is committed to working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to drive the adoption of video as a primary communication medium. Whether you are a mobile phone or camera manufacturer, a video-sharing site, a social-networking site, an online creative software vendor, a telecommunications service provider, or an online storage provider, video can be an attractive part of your story. WeVideo is establishing go-to-market relationships with companies that see the power of video as a part of their offering or service to their customers.

The WeVideo Partner Program is designed to support a number of business relationships:

WeVideo Strategic Partner Program

Who:    Large, global organizations with a broad reach into consumer markets
Why:    Designed for companies that include WeVideo technology into their own offerings for distribution to their customers, such as mobile device manufacturers, mobile network operators, online storage providers.

WeVideo Content Partner Program

Who:    Large organizations with rich content assets focused on consumers 
Why:    Tailored to media-centric companies that want new ways to engage their audiences and visitors online, like online media properties, entertainment companies, and social media sites.  

WeVideo Reseller Program

Who:    Organizations with video expertise who wish to resell WeVideo products and services to their clients and customers 
Why:    The Reseller program is ideal for agencies, consultants and online content distributors, who are helping their customers harness the power of video in their own communications. 

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