WeVideo empowers people to share their stories, their way, through video-the most powerful medium of modern communications.

Born in 2011

WeVideo is launched with the goal of bringing its proven European online educational creative toolbox to a broader global audience of consumers, educators and small businesses.

50+ employees

WeVideo continues to grow its talented team of innovators all focused on empowering the world to tell their story through video.

19.8 million accounts

After expanding its reach through iOS, Android and all web browsers, WeVideo has been used to create and share tens of millions of videos.

Our leadership team.

John Kline
Director, Education
Krishna Menon
David Krall
Board of Directors
Oleg Tsaregorodtsev
Vice President, Product
Lucian Cioroga
Director of Engineering

Video editing for everyone.

Our online video editing platform democratizes the creation of incredible video stories, using the power of the Cloud to ensure that cost, complexity, and technology are never barriers. WeVideo makes it possible for friends and families, teachers and students, and businesses small and large to create incredible videos that inspire, motivate, and form indelible memories.


WeVideo began life as Creaza, an online creative toolbox which by 2010 was used by hundreds of thousands of children in Europe. As high-quality video recording became readily available to billions of people through smartphones, the developers recognized a hunger among consumers, educators and small businesses for easy-to-use storytelling tools for the masses.

New roots.

WeVideo's founders crossed the pond and set up shop in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley and in close proximity to innovation leaders at Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They quickly gathered around themselves a team that saw the confluence of widespread video recording capability, the unlimited potential of cloud-based storage and processing, and a deep seeded need for people to share their stories on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

Uniting for the cause.

WeVideo also attracted the attention of Google which saw WeVideo as an ideal partner for its cloud-based collaboration and storage services. Google was so impressed that it partnered with the barely one month old WeVideo to bring a full-featured video editing solution to YouTube. This was the beginning of an important relationship. Today WeVideo is a Google for Education partner and is the exclusive digital storytelling solution for Google's Education Creative Bundle for Chromebooks. Through this program, WeVideo helps to empower millions of students worldwide.

Power to the people.

Whether for Hollywood or home, video processing has always demanded the most expensive, up-to-date, and complex hardware and software resources. WeVideo pioneered a radical shift that leverages the unlimited computer processing power of the Cloud to make it possible for anyone with access to even the most humble computer or mobile device to have the power of a supercomputer at their command.

Powerful video tools everywhere.

WeVideo was built from the ground up for the future in HTML5 to deliver the best, most powerful, stable and comprehensive browser-based video editing experience possible. The result is a robust foundation in which users can mix and match more than 600 audio, video, and graphics media formats. WeVideo is a creative powerhouse that offers users advanced, Hollywood-caliber features including green screen, picture-in-picture, motion titles, audio editing, and support for unlimited tracks, professional capabilities that studios spend millions of dollars to include in television and movies. In short, WeVideo users have the freedom to let their creativity run free without ever having to worry that their device is not up to the job.

Success made simple.

With deep roots in education, WeVideo believes that creativity is driven by what is inside the hearts and minds of people, not by complicated technology. That's why WeVideo tests and retests every feature to be sure that no technical skills are required to create even the most sophisticated special effects. Every WeVideo user has access to a wealth of tutorials and tips created by our team of experts to help ensure success from the start.

Come with us.

WeVideo is leading a movement that is putting powerful creative tools within reach of everyone. Why not give it a try? The next time you capture some video with your phone or video camera, visit wevideo.com, start an account, and see what we can create together.

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