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Create Facebook videos that drive your audience to action — whether that's liking, sharing, subscribing, or purchasing. Start with a template & get on Facebook in minutes!
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Make shareable Facebook videos in no time

Whether you're aiming for organic shares or e-commerce conversions, every Facebook video has a purpose. So hit those KPIs with WeVideo!

Grab a professionally created video template and go from concept to execution quicker than ever. No assets? Then pull from our 1M+ stock photos, videos & audio files to keep your content fresh and your calendar well-stocked.

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Eye-catching video editing made easy

It's hard to stand out on the endless feeds of social media — but not with WeVideo! Create in our online video maker and say goodbye to stale, boring content.

Replace static posts with dynamic videos that stop the scroll. Music tracks, motion titles, green screen, trimming & merging...ALL the editing tools are at your fingertips and ready to dazzle your audiences.

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Brand your Facebook videos instantly

From classic posts on Facebook business pages to highly targeted in-stream ads, every video you create can rep your brand front and center.

Just save a Brand Kit and watch your videos automatically take on your colors, fonts, and logo. Keep your FB marketing on point over time, too, by creating custom templates!

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One Facebook video maker for the whole team

Want to share the social media load across multiple team members or departments? You got it! Our Facebook video maker is made for teams.

Add multiple users to your account, access shared project libraries, and enable collaboration across devices. Don't worry — saved branding keeps every creator on brand, every time.

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Why use WeVideo’s Facebook video maker?

Captions & text Captions & text

Up to 85% of Facebook posts are viewed with the sound off. Use our built-in motion titles and text editing options to add subtitles that maintain attention.

Tons of audio Tons of audio

Music's optional on the FB, but it's a great touch! Our Facebook ad maker comes with royalty-free music, sound effects, voiceover & more.

So much stock So much stock

Facebook video creators love our built-in content library. Start by uploading your own photos or videos and then round 'em out with our pro assets.

Export settings Export settings

Create the right content for all the Meta platforms. Choose your preferred file type (GIF vs. MP4) and video resolution to create posts, Stories & ads.

Social media sizes Social media sizes

Stretch your content by repurposing it! Create your FB video once and then resize it to popular aspect ratios for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok & more.

Editing across devices Editing across devices

Be a pro-level FB video creator wherever you prefer: on Mac, Chromebook, Windows or through our apps for iOS and Android.

How to make Facebook videos

Open the WeVideo editor in your desktop browser or in one of our mobile apps. Start a new project from scratch, or get a jumpstart by choosing an eye-catching, ready-to-use template instead.

Either way, bring your own content into our Facebook video editor by uploading photos and videos. Then drag and drop them to your Timeline to begin.

Here's the fun part! Use all our built-in video editing tools to create a video that stops the scroll. Facebook cover videos, posts, ads, can create 'em all in our video maker.

Some pro tips here: add text for captions, sprinkle in some stock assets, and apply transitions between clips. Don't forget your logo and a strong call-to-action, too.

Once you've perfectly customized your template, click Finish to wrap it up.

Choose your Facebook video resolution, file type, and export destination. You can even send your video straight from our video maker to Facebook. Congrats — now you're officially a pro FB video creator!
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FAQs about Facebook videos

A few rules of thumb for Facebook videos: grab attention immediately, keep the video short (under 30 seconds), include text captions, and always have a clear call-to-action.

Remember that even the most stunning video will likely be viewed by a casual scroller with a million other things on their mind — so focus on clarity and concision. If you aren't an experienced creator of FB videos yet, you can always start with a template as a shortcut to pro results!

Facebook recommends uploading an MP4 or MOV format, regardless of what you're creating: a Facebook post, ad, story, cover, etc. The platform also accepts a couple dozen other file types including GIF, QT, AVI, and WMV. 

If you're creating your Facebook video in our video editor, you can choose between MP4 and GIF.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, only because there are so many different use cases for video on Facebook (as well as Meta's other platforms like Instagram).

Check out this detailed list of Facebook video ad specs to get a better idea of the recommended video size, format, and file limitations. Or try our Facebook video maker out to experiment for yourself!

All of 'em! Create organic posts for your Facebook pages, in-stream ads, native in-feed videos, Facebook story videos, cover videos...anything. Well, technically speaking, the only exception is Facebook Live, since these streams have to be initiated within the Facebook app. But any other kind of video — absolutely.

Check out some video templates for a better idea of what you could post on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network. Whether for marketing purposes or just for fun, there's a template for everything.

After you've posted a video to your page, Facebook automatically tracks analytics data for that video. Just check your page insights to get all the deets about video performance. Key metrics tracked include minutes viewed, number of 3-second views, and number of reactions, comments, and shares.

For more detailed info, use Facebook Creator Studio. This all-in-one dashboard helps you track data around ad revenue, content monetization, and more. (Creator Studio also allows you to manage content performance across Meta platforms, including Instagram.) Creators can learn more about Facebook Creator Studio from their help desk.

Make Facebook videos that convert