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Record your screen, webcam, or both with WeVideo's free screen recorder. Automatically sync video + voiceover and add polish with our built-in video editing tools. No app to download!
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Record your screen for free, no app needed

From polished sales demos to quick video assignments for students, we make it as easy as hitting the record button.

Our screen recorder works directly from your internet browser without the need for any software, browser extension, or app. When you're done recording, save your file or export it directly to YouTube, Google Drive, and more. Still no app needed!

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So much more than a screen recorder

WeVideo may have an online screen recorder, but that's just the start!

Take your audio and video recording to the next level with our built-in video editing options:

Trimming and merging screen recording clips into a cohesive video

The go-to screen recorder for businesses & teams

Ever heard your meeting-fatigued employees say, "This could've been an email"? Make that, "This could've been a video" — and then make the video! 

With WeVideo's screen recorder, you can streamline team communication by sending bite-sized screencasts in place of long meetings. Shared project libraries and custom templates make it even faster to record, too.

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Create + customize across devices

WeVideo's screen recorder works from any desktop device: Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and more. Once you've used the recorder, your footage will be saved to our secure cloud — so you can pick it back up and edit it from anywhere!

If you want to create videos but don't need the screen recorder functionality, we've also got apps for iOS and Android.

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One screen recorder, so many use cases

Collaborate with teams Collaborate with teams

Deliver feedback, updates, and other internal comms without the dreaded meeting overload How? By sending a watch-when-you-can screen capture instead!

Teach on screen Teach on screen

Use our free screen recorder to make tutorials for social media, staff training, and the classroom. Capture your desktop and add webcam footage for a personal touch.

Create webinars Create webinars

Forgo virtual stage fright with a pre-recorded screencast! Once you've completed your video recording, make it shine by adding screenshots, a branded watermark, and audio.

Give product demos Give product demos

Review product designs and functionality with your team, or create highly polished demos to stock your sales collateral library. Demos make for excellent product promos, too.

Provide customer support Provide customer support

No more static screenshots or boring, hard-to-decipher PDF guides. Streamline communication with customers via detailed support videos — perfect for customer onboarding!

Own presentations Own presentations

Our free screen recorder unlocks engaging presentations. Switch between live delivery and recorded footage to give yourself a break and keep your audience on their toes.

How to record your screen + webcam

To capture your desktop, start a new project in WeVideo on Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or any other desktop device. (To go straight to the online screen recorder, just click Create new > Recording.)

Choose exactly what you'd like the screen recorder to capture: webcam, screen, or screen & webcam. Choose where the recording will be saved as well as the system camera and microphone to capture.

Then start recording and do your thing!

This post-recording step is optional. If you just want a quick and easy screen capture without any bells and whistles, skip it!

Otherwise, polish up your microphone audio and screenshot footage with motion titles, transitions, branded watermark, and more.

The screen recorder will automatically save your project to our secure cloud. When you're ready to grab the file and get it out into the world, export it from 720p to 4K Ultra HD. 

Screenshot of WeVideo editor to start a new project

Frequently asked questions

A screen recording is a form of screen capture where someone records either their full screen or a specific tab and provides commentary. Screen recordings are powerful communication tools, often used for training videos, tutorials, webinars, etc.

The most basic screen recording is just a quick video capture of a desktop screen, often paired with microphone audio and webcam footage. With WeVideo's free online screen recorder, you can stick to the basics or take it up a notch with motion titles, transitions, music, and more. Totally up to you! Take our recorder for a free spin to see for yourself.

To record a screen capture, start by signing into your WeVideo account. Click Create New and then Recording. Choose whether to record your screen, webcam, or both. Decide where to save your recording file, and then select your system audio and video source. That’s it!

To stop the screen recording, click Stop sharing when you’re done recording and then edit your video however you want.

The only time limit on screen and camera recording is whatever your WeVideo plan allows. Users on our online video recorder's free plan can record as much as they want, but they'll be limited to 5 minutes of published video time.

To remove the time limit and unlock additional features (such as watermark removal), check out a paid plan. We've got options to suit individuals, small teams, schools, and businesses.

Yes, with WeVideo's free screen recorder, you can capture both your desktop (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, etc.) and your webcam at the same time. Before you hit record, just select both inputs!

After you're done recording, both video files will appear on your Timeline, where you can do further video editing as needed. Automatically sync video and voiceover, add subtitle text, throw in some motion titles...anything.

There are SO many uses for screen recording software! Businesses often use screencasts both internally and externally. Managers can simplify internal communications by sending quick videos in place of emails, memos, and meetings; customer-facing teams can communicate more clearly and personally by sending a video in place of impersonal text.

Schools have similar uses for a screen recorder, sending feedback to students, keeping in touch with parents, communicating with fellow teachers, participating in professional development workshops, and more.

No need to be an organization to use a screen recorder, either! Record your screen to communicate with loved ones, post viral TikTok videos, or just take personal notes.

The bottom line? Record your screen just once, and you'll see why so many people love WeVideo's online screen recorder and video editor.

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