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Become WeVideo Certified

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Whether you're a WeVideo newbie looking to learn the ropes, or a seasoned pro ready to flaunt your skills — jump in! Become a WeVideo aficionado, plus receive a certificate of completion that can be used toward professional learning requirements. 

WeVideo Certification course badges.

Available courses

WeVideo Certified Creator course.

Certified Creator

For: Everyone

Course length: 2-3 hours

Description: Learn how to use a variety of editing features in WeVideo to create compelling digital stories. We'll also show you how to use our Assignment Ideas Library to implement multimedia projects in the classroom.

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WeVideo Certified Educator course.

Certified Educator

For: Educators

Course length: 2-3 hours

Description: Learn how to design and implement media projects and activities to make multimedia creation a regular part of your classroom. Instructional design facilitators and coaches can apply this in their work with teachers as well. 

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WeVideo Certified Student course.

Student Level 1

For: Students

Course length: 1.5 hours

Description: Learn how to get started in your student account. We cover how to join a class, view assignments, collaborate with peers, and view teacher feedback. Then we'll show you how to use WeVideo's editing tools to make your own content.

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Student Level 2

For: Students

Course length: 2-3 hours

Pre-requisite: Student Level 1

Description: Learn how to create and gather media in WeVideo, Then, split and trim clips to build a sequence, add text, edit audio, and create visual effects with transitions, use tools in the effects panel, such as green screen, animation, and color correction, and publish your videos. 

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