How to Add Audio and Music to a Video

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Music and video. They go together like peanut butter and jelly or toast and jam, and for most of us, there’s nothing more reminiscent of our youth than music and video. This may not be MTV, but you can still make an impact with the right choice of background music in your video. 

With the growth of video marketing, it’s becoming tougher to stand out from the competition. The right music track can not only elevate your videos but make them more entertaining and engaging for audiences. And, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

You may be asking yourself how do I add music or mp3s to a video online? Where can I find the right music? Well, we’ve got the answers to your questions and we show you how to add audio in WeVideo’s video editor.

How do I add audio to my video for free?

With WeVideo, you have the option of uploading music directly from your device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), a social media channel or simply using audio from WeVideo's stock media library.

From our library of royalty-free music to your own mp3 uploads, there are countless ways (and websites) to help you add music to your video for free. These sites offer professionally designed, studio-quality audio created for use in your videos and some even have paid subscriptions for access to more audio.

1. WeVideo's stock media library

When you sign up for a free WeVideo plan, you get access to a library of audio that includes music and sound effects. These are curated and professionally designed to enhance your video. Upgrading to our Professional or Business plans will give you access to an even larger library of royalty-free stock footage.

2. Add music from a paid site

You can upgrade your WeVideo plan to access a royalty-free library of more than 1 million videos, images, and audio clips, but if you rather go elsewhere, there are countless websites to help you find the right music choice for your video. With options like SoundCloud, Premium Beat and many others, you can find and download royalty-free music to use for your video.

3. Add music from your device

One of the easiest, and quickest, ways to find and add music to your video would be through your own device. If you’re editing a video on your phone or tablet, you can upload music from the library of the device. The same goes if you’re on your laptop/desktop. It’s easy and I’ll go over how to do it further below. 

Where can I find music for my video?

You can find music relatively anywhere. From free services like WeVideo’s stock audio library and the YouTube Studio library to paid services like Artlist and Epidemic Sound, you can find commercially licensed music anywhere.

Paid options, which there are plenty of, usually take care of the licensing and usage of the audio in your video. These tracks are curated and have specific content they can be used for. Usually, these tracks are licensed for use in commercials, social ads and other marketing collateral. Just be aware, if you use audio incorrectly or in a way that breaks your subscription agreement, you could face some penalty.

How to add music to a video for free with WeVideo

Getting started with WeVideo is easy! Just sign up for a free account, then:

Step 1: Select your audio

Selecting audio clip on the timeline in WeVideo's editor.

Now that you’ve started your edit, select Audio and scroll through your library to find the clip you want. Or, you can do a quick search if you have something specific in mind.

If you’ve uploaded your own audio file, it’ll be in your Uploads folder. You can upload your own music by clicking the Import button and uploading your own audio files to WeVideo. Once uploaded, this audio file will always be available for you to use.

Step 2: Drag, drop, and edit

Editing audio clips in WeVideo.

After you’ve selected your audio, drag and drop it into your timeline to start editing. Click on the volume icon so you can boost your audio, add transitions, cut/trim audio or add a fade in/out.

Step 4: Publish and share

Finally, after you’ve added video, images and effects, click Finish to export and publish your video — straight from our video editor to the platform of your choice!

Select the video resolution and publish. From there, you can select the destination for the finished product as well.


Now that you have the tools and knowledge to add music to your video, there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed when combining music/mp3 files and video. From social media ads to promos and how-tos, adding music to your videos can elevate them and make them more engaging for audiences. A more engaged audience can lead to brand trust and more sales down the line. With WeVideo’s royalty-free stock library, it’s even easier to find and edit the right music for your project.


1. How do I add audio to video?

A wide variety of  video editors are available, but WeVideo makes it easy for anyone to add audio to your videos quickly, even with very little experience.

2. How do I add audio to a video for free?

You can upload your own audio file, choose from a library of free sound effects and music, or upgrade to access the WeVideo stock media library.

3. What video and audio file formats is WeVideo compatible with?

WeVideo supports AIF, MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV and WMA audio files and 3GP, 3GPP, AVI, DIVX, DV, FLV, M4V, MJPEG, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, M2TS, MTS, MXF, OGV, WEBM and WMV video files.