College student working on video in front of laptop

Video projects to master new media literacies

Student-centered learning made easy

WeVideo is the cloud-based video creation platform that encourages student creativity, storytelling, engagement and multimodal learning. Video projects construct deep knowledge about a topic by forming skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
Three college students sitting in library with laptop to work on video project

Small group collaboration

Achieve shared goals through project-based learning

Encourage students to work together in teams to develop and finalize a video project that will help them build skills for the workforce. Grow the professional and technical skills in demand in today's multimedia organizations.

Four college students sitting in class with a computer to collaborate on video creation

Engage students at any skill level

From beginner tooltips to real world use cases

Learn about editor features and discover new ways to use video through video tutorials, lessons and tips from our team at the WeVideo Academy.

Three university students watching WeVideo Academy tutorials

Flexibility with mobile learning

WeVideo decouples video projects from localized technology resources like hardware and software. You will have cross-platform access to shared media and video projects, allowing the use of devices as part of a larger workflow. Learn more about our apps for iOS and Android.

Command the final cut with WeVideo

Create assignments that help demonstrate the student's creativity and technical ability. Full control over text, graphics, animation, sound, and transitions build a foundation in multimedia authoring.

Frequently asked questions

WeVideo for Schools is offered as a multi-user license that is priced per user. When you purchase one license, that license provides a bundle of "accounts" (also called "seats"). Therefore you purchase a license based on the number of seats you plan to use. Every teacher, student, or administrator using the system will need their own login and should be considered a unique seat.

Volume discounts are available for school and district purchases, and those discounts increase with the number of seats included in the order. The minimum purchase is a 30 user license. WeVideo individual licenses offer attractive pricing for requirements of less than 30 seats.

Everyone using WeVideo for Schools (eg. teachers, students and technology staff) requires their own account login. Each login is considered a seat and is a unique account. These seats can be allocated to a user and reallocated to a new person at no additional cost (for example at the end of a school year).

No. Every WeVideo for Schools user is a member (or seat) in the account and needs to have their own login for their privacy and protection. Login sharing is also a violation of our Terms of Use. The same rules apply to WeVideo individual accounts. Every user is required to have their own unique login/seat.

We are signatories of the well known and highly rigorous Student Privacy Pledge. Student data is not collected, stored or shared. We are fully compliant with laws protecting the privacy of minors using online services, including COPPA and FERPA federal laws and many state laws. A WeVideo for Schools account is managed by school staff, and allows the account administrator to control student membership, sharing and activities.

Our Privacy Policy is here. Our Terms of Use agreement is here.

You can edit complex videos on a Chromebook, PC, or Mac and seamlessly continue projects between all of these so students are never bound to a single device. For creation on-the-go, you can use one of our mobile apps on iOS and Android. 

WeVideo is fully committed to the success of its education customers. Our responsive, expert education support staff is available to all paid WeVideo for Schools account holders. Our online Resources for Educators provide ready-to-use lesson plans, tutorials, tips and tricks. We also provide WeVideo Academy, a fully stocked web resource full of easy to follow videos on everything from getting started to mastering advanced features.

We also offer professional development services directly and through some amazing partners. Contact education sales for more info.

A school, school district, university or other educational institution can purchase WeVideo for Schools with a purchase order or with a credit card. The price and quote generator on this page will take you through the steps to create a quote or pro forma invoice which you can share, modify or download. You will also find a link to our W9 and payment options. If you need assistance with a purchase, please reach out to us.

WeVideo for schools allows every user to publish an hour of video per month. Published video refers to a video Edit that is complete and has been rendered into a final video. There is no limit on how long users can work in the application. Also, this hour per month limit is pooled. So if one user exceeds the limit, it will not be a problem as long as the summed total of available publish minutes for the entire account is not exceeded.

If you think your school or district will exceed the publishing limit, contact education sales for assistance.

Yes. WeVideo for Schools has built in domain level sync with Office 365 and GSuite. There is additional integration with Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Microsoft OneDrive, with more to come.

Absolutely. While our Education plans have been carefully designed to deliver maximum value for classroom applications, we understand that there are instances where only a single user account is needed.

If you do not require the collaboration, deep discount, and special education features, our Power and Unlimited plans each offer a complete, feature-rich video editing experience for individual users. Get more information HERE.