Foster active learning experiences

Turn passive students into engaged video creators, and watch as they gain mastery! From remote employee training to traditional school classrooms, active learning is part and parcel of every course created in PlayPosit, a WeVideo product.
Teacher helping a student with learner-made video content, both using tablets

Improve learning outcomes, engagement, and retention

Active learning = better retention Active learning = better retention

Equip learners to actively contribute to any course (even asynchronously!) through learner-made content. Have students create their own videos as standalone assignments, or request learner-made video, audio, or text as part of an assessment. When students think more creatively, they remember more!

Make learning a shared goal Make learning a shared goal

When anyone can create and share content, traditional classroom roles are expanded. Learners become instructors, instructors become observers, and everyone becomes an invested participant. (No more hiding in the back row!) Collaborative options like peer feedback turn learning into a team exercise.

Build more dynamic remote courses Build more dynamic remote courses

Want to create an online course that can’t just be played in the background with sound off? (You do.) Then have students record reflection videos, invent review questions, and share content for discussion. No matter when or where learners log in, you can be sure they’re engaged in active learning.

Engage learners & achieve outcomes Engage learners & achieve outcomes

Compared to objective assessments like fill-in-the-blank, learner-made content provides deeper and more personal insights. Combine the two — quantitative data and qualitative responses — to better understand the impact of your training. Then make data-driven improvements!

Compatible with your LMS & tech stack

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Dozens of LMS options

Forgo the pain of tech that doesn’t integrate. With PlayPosit, you get LTI integration with dozens of LMS platforms like Blackboard, Canvas, and Schoology.

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Integrated video hosting

Doesn’t matter what hosting platform you’re using—access your full video library from within PlayPosit. No passwords. No hassle.

What our customers are saying

“Every educator deserves access to top-rated professional learning support. PlayPosit brings our person-to-person coaching model to life asynchronously. The New Teacher Center is proud to be able to offer partners engaging, community-based learning experiences that work for them without sacrificing quality.”

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New Teacher Center

“Easy to use and infinitely more impactful than traditional learning environments.”

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"I am a previous [interactive video platform] user and PlayPosit offers way more and gives so many more options for our teachers including videos and interactions, I am excited to show them!”

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Stephanie Harrison Instructional Technology Coach, Spartanburg 5

Give students the tools to learn actively

Capture attention, measure understanding, and improve learning outcomes by having students create their own content. When students are equipped for active learning, even fully remote courses can be a dynamic experience.