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7 Examples of Exceptional Promotional Videos

/ Nina Petrov

Video marketing has been blossoming for some time now with no signs that the trend will stop any time soon. On the contrary, it is getting hard to imagine any marketing campaign without engaging videos. They work well on TV, like ads, and especially as social media posts.

Videos are compatible with any brand and every niche. You will find them in the travel industry, as well as in IT, as well as many others, since different types of promotional videos can bring high conversions fast. 

The best promotional videos: Creativity meets advertising

In the following list, we have prepared some masterpieces of video marketing, to show endless possibilities a short video has in promoting all kinds of businesses. All of the promo videos you are going to see here successfully combine the marketing know-how with visual effects and creativity.

“No Drama” Switzerland: travel promotional video 

This video is a great example of how powerful medium video is. In only a couple of months, almost 53 million people saw this promotional video that invites tourists to come to Switzerland. That’s over 6 times more than the total number of inhabitants of that country!

The great popularity of the video probably has to do with the two great personalities showing up in it. Roger Federer and Robert DeNiro, the world's best tennis player and one of the best living actors, are discussing why one would come to Switzerland. 

They agree that Switzerland is a place to rest, a place with beautiful landscapes and clean nature, but “no drama” going on. 

In case you decide to visit Switzerland, there are many types of vacation videos you can make with our video editor to remember your best moments!

Geico: a happy camel day

When this promo video was first published in 2013, it was the seventh most popular commercial on YouTube. Until today, it has almost five million views and it even made it to Dictionary.com, as an illustration of the famous office expression “Happy Hump Day."

Originally, the expression originates to the 1950s, when Wednesday was seen as one of the hardest days of a week. Saying “Happy hump day!” on Wednesdays, workers would encourage each other to make it through the week. 

Even in today’s office slang, Wednesday is “a hump day” because it is right in the middle of the week, two days away from the weekend.

Geico, an influential insurance company, took this office slang to another level in their promo video. Although other employees are tired and uninterested, an imaginary camel in the office is delighted, because - it is a hump day! 

The message behind the word pun is that people who chose Geico could be as happy as the camel on Wednesday because they might save a lot of money.

Snickers Halloween: dread and humor

If you were wondering how to make your videos spooky and funny at the same time, Snickers has a great example to inspire you! In only 30 seconds, we see a group of kids in their Halloween costumes meeting with a Headless Horseman. The problem is the Horseman is a bit hungry and tired, and presents himself as a Horseless Headman, desperately trying to be scary. The kids understand his trouble and offer him a Snickers bar that helps him be the monster he truly is.

It is one of those commercials people remember long after they have seen it because the video managed to make them laugh. This was not an easy task in 2013 when the commercial was created, and it is even less easy today when people are overwhelmed with advertising. 

Videos have a great power to make businesses stand out. Snickers did a great job using an amazing blend of humorous and creeping atmosphere to promote their product and entertain their target audience for holidays.

McCallie School

Now, let’s see how creative video solutions can serve educational purposes

McCallie is a private school for boys, that uses videos for answering almost any question students and their parents might have. They communicate through videos about scholarships, student achievements, curriculum, and more. 

Although all are made in a unique style, each video has a different mood and atmosphere. The video you can see here takes a Star Wars scenery, portraying employees and students as participants in a stellar war. An impressive production uses humor to relieve the strict academic atmosphere the students have to follow.

Making an engaging educational video doesn’t have to be hard and expensive as in this case. WeVideo offers great ideas and templates for back-to-school videos to entertain your pupils and their parents after the next holiday season. Hop into our online video editor to see for yourself!

Amy Youngren and North Group Real Estate

If you ever spent some time enjoying real estate promotional videos, you might have noticed how they all tend to look the same. They show sunny houses and beautiful imageries, with some relaxing and inspiring music in the background. And that’s it. No human touch, no engagement, just many sequences of beautiful homes.

Amy Youngren does it in a different way. In the name of her agency North Group Real Estate from Canada, she is the one guiding you through what she has to offer. She’s not afraid to shoot even though it’s snowing outside. No external conditions can spoil the charm of the apartment suit she is showing. On the contrary, the apartment appears even more cozy with the gray winter scenery we can see through the windows.

What’s particularly special about the video is her hand gesture, which she uses to slide in new scenes of the video. This makes a great feeling that the boundaries between the watchers and the people in the video are blurred.

The small suite is filmed from different angles, showing us every hidden corner - something an image can’t ever do. 

We have already written about real estate video marketing, so if you’re into it, check out our blog.

GoPro: wherever you go, make a video to remember

Is it strange that a company making cameras for recording user-generated content has a great promotional video? Probably not!

In September of 2021, GoPro announced their newest model Hero10. It comes with a powerful processor, much better HQ video performance, smoothness stabilization, and more amazing features for video enthusiasts.

Almost a million people have seen the video so far, in only a few months after the upload on GoPro’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, we can see GoPro addressing its target audience. These are people who enjoy the natural scenery, extreme activities and various kinds of sports. As the sequences quickly change, we see the little GoPro camera following active people everywhere. They capture themselves skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, snorkeling in the sea, racing in the desert, doing yoga, flying airplanes… The message is clear: wherever an adventurer might go, their camera will follow.


We thought it would be a good idea to have one animated video on this list. It sometimes happens that people forget that video promotions have two major categories, real and animated videos. Of course, there are those combining the two, which is an especially interesting category. 

Klear is a platform that does media analytics to help brands find the perfect influencers that would boost their marketing campaign. The animated promotional video explains to the viewer how the platform works. What is special about this video is the fact that it is done in such a smart and seamless manner, that you don’t even notice how much you have learned from only one minute and a half.

It is short and very informative, which makes it perfect for social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok). Some reports on video marketing show us that this is crucial for the video’s performance on social media.

Bonus: Apple at work from home

Although this list primarily focuses on short promo videos, Apple’s 6-minute video deserves to be presented at least shortly. 

In a very dynamic manner, we see a remote team struggling to make a project work in the context of poor management and lack of time, resources, and personal space.

What saves the day in the context of contemporary work from home is Apple’s newest technology. The video has more than 32 million views and not everyone thought it was funny - especially remote team managers, who are the main bad guys in the video.

How to make a promo video?

Before making a video to promote a business, a project, or a community, you need to be clear about the message you want to send and why. What exactly do you want to say? Who are you speaking to, that is, what is your target audience?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start thinking about the storyline. If you aren’t sure where to start, find something close to what you would like to do and adjust it to your needs. As you could see from this post, the Internet is an endless source of promo video examples and ideas for you to learn from.

The next step is video production. It is possible to either film something yourself, in which case you will need basic recording equipment. A camera and a mic are what most people use, but you can also use a phone with a better camera. 

At this stage, you can play with your video and put in additional effects. For example, you can add sample videos or sounds that would make the video more interesting or funny. Royalty-free music is particularly relevant if you are making animated videos. 

Remember that video production usually needs a great deal of CPU power, so make sure to edit your videos on a strong machine.

There are many different ways you can edit a promo video. You can either do it online using a cloud-based video editor like WeVideo. Or, you can download the software to your laptop, and do it on your hard drive. 

When you’re done with video editing, the only remaining thing to be done is to publish it. YouTube provides a lot of data analytics, that will help you track the reach and success of your video.

If you’re short on the budget, there are many options to make a free promo video. There are free online tools that usually cover basic editing needs. However, for better tools, you will probably need to choose a premium plan.

A useful thing to know about when you’re making a promo video is data recovery tools. In case you accidentally delete your video, don’t worry as deleted files only go to other levels of your hard drive. These tools will help you bring your lost data back to life.

Final thoughts

Videos are great marketing media because they provide a multisensory experience. The only sense they don’t stimulate is the smell. To some extent, we even have the touch, as some video types allow us to interact with them by touching the screen.

That is why we love videos - they are engaging, informative, and fun. In the previous months, when we didn’t have the occasion to travel much and had to work from home, it was more obvious than ever. Videos were there to comfort and inform us, and they will continue to do that in the future as well.

About the author

Nina Petrov is a content marketing specialist, passionate about graphic design, content marketing, and the new generation of green and social businesses. She starts the day scrolling her digest on new digital trends while sipping a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Her white little bunny tends to reply to your emails when she is on vacation.