WeVideo tools for business - mobile and desktop

Tell Your
Company's Story

WeVideo is used by thousands of businesses
to inspire and educate customers.

The most authentic and passionate voice for your company is your own.
WeVideo provides tools and inspiration to create business videos, product videos, how-to videos and more.

Work Smarter in Teams

Let your teams produce more videos with better quality.

Upload and share videos and images with co-workers, enable your team to edit each others’ videos seamlessly from different locations and devices, allow comments by colleagues outside the team.

Share media with co-workers, collaborate on projects and ensure brand control

Customize Your Call-To-Actions

Direct viewers to your website by providing clickable links at the end of your videos.

Direct viewers to landing pages by providing clickable links at the end of your videos

Ensure Brand Control

Personalize your videos with Info Cards. Add your logo, video and contact information.

Personalize your videos with your logo and contact information

Publish Anywhere

Reach your customers.
Wherever they are.

Set the Tone

Pick your music from a comprehensive audio library.

WeVideo for Business now includes an amazing blend of more than 1,000 professional audio tracks of commercially licensed music.

Tailor Your Video Creation Process

WeVideos integrates the best of breed third-party tools and stock video and music libraries.

WeVideo provides you with the best tools and media libraries to tell your story. We have partnered with companies like Wistia for your business video hosting, RE:Vision Effects for slow-motion, Rumblefish Music for your audio tracks, Brainshark for business presentations and GoAnimate for animated video clips.

WeVideo partners

Access Your Videos Anywhere

Easy access for you
and your customers.

We host your videos in the cloud for easy viewing.

Report & Analyze

New visibility and insights.

WeVideo provides an admin dashboard that gives managers insight into internal usage and video views.

WeVideo provides an admin dashboard that gives managers insight into internal usage and external results

Turn crowds into brand advocates

Video remixing for customers, fans and followers.

The WeVideo platform can be pre-loaded with brand content and offered for fan video remixing. We deliver a streamlined user experience on all devices, localized in 18 languages and customized onboarding videos to get your users started. We make it easy for you to turn fans into brand advocates on social media. Learn more

WeVideo - easily engage fans with your brand
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