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Convert viewers into customers with our video ad maker. Get more clicks, drive more traffic, and close more sales with powerful video content — perfect for social media & more.
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Launch campaigns fast with video ad templates

Overloaded marketing department or one-person show, WeVideo’s ad templates are a lifesaver. Take any video ad template and then customize anything.

Replace backgrounds with green screen. Add attention-grabbing motion titles. Fade in exciting music and close with a call to action. Start with a template to get campaign-ready now. Like, right now!

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Stop the scroll on Instagram, YouTube & more

Where does your video advertising budget go? Google Ads? Instagram ads? Facebook video ads? Or maybe you go old school with TV ads. No matter.

Wherever you're launching your video content, WeVideo makes it easy to get video ads that fit the format. Create your ad just once and then quickly resize it for traditional or digital advertising.

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Branded video ads for teams

Our video ad maker scales up to suit teams big and small. Scrappy startups, large school districts, global companies...all find what they need to collaborate and create videos!

With shared libraries, user roles, and a secure cloud, effective video ads can be made by anyone. (And don't worry — your saved Brand Kit keeps everyone on track.)

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Use one video editor for every ad

From product demos to explainer videos, you can create all your video ads in the same platform — available on both desktop and mobile.

Use our browser-based platform on Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or any desktop device. To customize video templates on the go, check out our apps for iOS and Android.

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Why use WeVideo’s video ad maker?

Video ads your way Video ads your way

From TikTok to YouTube, you can tailor every advertisement to perfection by trimming, merging, layering, and arranging clips — all in an online maker that couldn't be simpler.

Huge asset library Huge asset library

So you've found a template for your advertisement? Next up is decking that template out! Choose from 1M+ videos, photos, and audio tracks right from the editor.

All the audio All the audio

Audio is critical to video content, and we've got the beats to make viewers take notice. Elevate any template by layering music, uploading voice-over, or adding sound effects.

Multiple ad resolutions Multiple ad resolutions

When marketing needs a 4K version but sales wants a faster-to-download 720p, what's a video maker to do? Use WeVideo to get all the right content at all the right resolutions. 

Sell from your screen Sell from your screen

DIY maker or large company, the best ads are personal. Elevate any template with a quick screen + webcam recording done in our ad maker — no extra app needed.

Branded content Branded content

Video advertising is always an exercise in brand awareness. Save a Brand Kit to keep your high-converting ads on point across all marketing channels and campaign styles.

How to make video ads

Open the WeVideo ad maker to create an ad from scratch or from a video template. Upload your own photos and videos, then drag and drop to the maker to start editing your video advertisement.

WeVideo's key features turn ad templates into ROI builders.

Add your logo and other brand assets. Edit the template's placeholder text and add your own. Choose music, animations, and stock footage from our library. Round out your advertisement with a strong call to action that viewers can't ignore.

Once you're done customizing your video, choose your preferred resolution and download to save it from 720p to 4K Ultra HD.

You can also publish your video directly to a host of social media channels and storage platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

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Frequently asked questions about video ads

Whether you're creating an Instagram Reel or a YouTube video ad, the secret to success is the same: make it in WeVideo! Start with a free trial, pick a template, and then upload your own photos or videos to start creating your video advertising content.

Once your project has begun, you'll have at-your-fingertips access to make a truly professional-looking ad. Mix in some animations, add stock photos or videos, throw in some background music, upload your logo or other brand assets, try out cool fonts...it all takes just a few minutes. For the most effective online video ads (you know, the ones that actually earn customers), be sure to keep it bite-sized, on brand, and with a clear call to action.

Yes! The free version of WeVideo gives you access to all the key features including green screen, screen recording, voiceover narration, multiple video ad formats, and more. With our free ad maker, keep in mind that you'll be limited in terms of publishing time and that all exported videos will have a watermark.

To remove the limitations of our free video ads, check out our plans — there's something for any video ad creator, from solo marketers to large businesses.

When it comes to video ads, there are truly limitless possibilities. After all, anything geared toward converting potential customers could be considered a video ad! Under this definition, even organic posts on social media (like an unboxing video or a casual tutorial) would technically count.

But even if you're sticking to the traditional idea of a paid video ad campaign, then there are still many different types: bumper ads, masthead ads, in-feed ads (like an Instagram ad), display ads (i.e. Google Ads in search results), website banner ads, in-stream ads and skippable in-stream ads (like the videos shown on YouTube), and out-stream ads (like those shown in written editorial pieces). That's just scratching the video marketing surface, too.

Of course, within each of these video ad types, you can create nearly any kind of marketing content. Create an animated ad design for Facebook, a product video for LinkedIn, a sales demo video for your website, or an off-the-cuff review video for TikTok. Give it a try with our ad maker!

The answer is simple: people love videos. Especially in a crowded social media feed filled with long text posts and static images, videos do a much better job of grabbing attention (and actually stopping the scroll). Videos are also better at telling a story, building an emotional connection with the audience, and explaining complex information quickly. The added motion is great for cleverly expressing your brand, too.

The bottom line: as long as you can capitalize on that initial burst of attention, you've got a captive audience! Studies bear this out, too; Amazon and eBay have found that adding a product video increases sales by up to 35%. Yes, please!

Reaching your audience entails more than just creating engaging content. To make sure your ads get approved (and actually served to your audiences), it’s critical to optimize them according to each platform’s specifications. That might mean different file types, ad video file sizes, lengths, ad formats, aspect ratios, and/or video resolutions. With WeVideo's ad maker, you can create a single video from a template and then switch to any format with just a few clicks.

Depending on where you'll be posting your videos, another important way to optimize ads is to work on your audience targeting. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook video ads, Instagram, and TikTok all give you fine control over who your ad is served to. It may take some experimentation and time, but finding the right targeting parameters is key to ROI for digital video advertising.

Convert your audience with video ads