At Richland Two, our 30,000 students and educators have access to a collaborative video creation platform, allowing them to engage from home or school without the need to install any software.
- Donna Teuber, Technology Integration Coordinator, Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC

Use WeVideo on all devices - mobile, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks and desktop computers

Works In Any Browser

Focus on the story
rather than the technology.

Use WeVideo on all devices - mobile, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks & desktop computers. Students can create from computers both at school and at home ... as well as on their smartphone from anywhere.

Common Core Aligned

Address Common Core Standard elements through Video Projects in WeVideo.

Video creation projects make students construct deep knowledge about a topic as they collaborate and engage in researching, building, reviewing and presenting their final videos.

Multimodal Learning

Increase Student Involvement.

Encourage Creativity
and Storytelling.

Media engages today’s digital native. Video creation projects foster creativity and multimodal learning. WeVideo provides a different avenue for youth to build confidence and self-esteem.


21st Century Skills

Raise the bar for creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

WeVideo opens up a variety of collaborative models: video projects initiated by teachers, individuals or team, teacher or team member review during the creation process and screening of student movies with feedback and reflection from the whole class.


Let students advance at their own pace.

WeVideo’s adaptive user experience is ideal for class projects where there is disparity in skills. The interface provides different editing modes that allows students to advance at their own pace based on their experience with video editing.

Inclusive and Flipped Classrooms


Turn traditional education on its head.

Let students learn new content by watching video lectures created on WeVideo. Flipped classrooms free class time for hands-on work. In class, students apply the knowledge by solving problems and doing practical work, while getting help from students and teacher. Some students can even create the video lectures.

Mobile Learning

Let students use their smartphones productively.

Students can use their Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Android and iOS to capture videos from a field trip or
a visit to their grandparents, make a rough edit and finish the edit on the web when they are home. Learn more

We like all gadgets so you can use WeVideo wherever you are. Use WeVideo on iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromebook, MAC, PC and Linux.

Google Apps for Education

Easily deploy and manage large enrollments.

WeVideo supports Google Single Sign-On, and automatically handles permissioning based on information available in Google Admin. IT Admins provision users from Google Admin and keep organization structures and user information updated in one place.

WeVideo also integrates with Google Drive environment that students already are familiarized with, giving access to your files and exports all in one place.
WeVideo intgrates with Google Apps and works seamlessly with Google Drive.

Walled Garden

Ensure privacy control.

Privacy is important in education where it’s strict usage policies on how student data such as images, names can be used online. WeVideo provides a secure “Walled Garden”. Students share videos in their project to teachers and students, and teacher can publish to the world.

WeVideo provides reporting and dashboard tools for teachers and administrators.

Reporting & Analytics

Get new visibility and insights.

WeVideo provides a management dashboard that gives educators insight into student usage. Administrators can set permissions for the walled garden, analyze usage and adoption.

Teacher and Student Support

Get help and inspiration from curriculum aligned Film Fests and video tutorials.

We are bringing curriculum aligned content through engaging Film Fests into WeVideo to jumpstart WeVideo in the classroom. If help or support is needed, video tutorials and in-depth knowledge base are accessible within a mouse-click. In addition we have a dedicated customer happiness team to assist.

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