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You’ve got seconds to capture viewer attention on YouTube, so make 'em count! Create an engaging, on-brand hook for every video with our YouTube intro maker.
Mockup of video player with YouTube intro card of woman speaking into a mic

Hook your audience with pro-level effects

No video editing experience needed with our YouTube intro maker! Get the most engaging first 10 seconds on YouTube with just a few clicks.

Upload your clips and then trim, merge, split & color correct to perfection. Fade in some catchy music & flash your logo across the screen. Or why not try green screen for something extra dynamic? It's all easy!

Creating a YouTube intro card by trimming and merging clips

Jazz up your YouTube intro with 1M+ assets

What’s a YouTube intro maker without professional audio, video, and photography at your fingertips? With 1M+ royalty-free clips and images available, you're sure to find your something special.

Pair our pro assets with your creative ideas for a YouTube video intro that's unforgettable (and oh-so-clickable).

Collage of stock photography against colorful icons for video, imagery, and music

Put your brand on every YouTube video

Want a unique intro for each series on your YouTube channel? Have tons of distinct content under one brand umbrella?

Big or small, it’s easy for Professional and Business teams to keep ALL their YouTube assets on brand: colors, fonts, logos — even custom video templates. Put your brand front and center, and watch brand loyalty go up!

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Why use WeVideo's YouTube intro maker?

YouTube video templates YouTube video templates

All great YouTube intros share a few traits in common. Start with a YouTube template and know that you've got ALL the right elements to hook viewers.

YouTube aspect ratio YouTube aspect ratio

Our YouTube intro maker defaults to YouTube's recommended aspect ratio of 16:9. Want to change dimensions? You can do that, too!

Motion text (& more!) Motion text (& more!)

Every YouTube intro starts with text, whether it's your name, channel, brand, or episode title. Make that text stand out with our built-in animations & fonts.

Editing from any device Editing from any device

Create your YouTube intro video on the go or from the comfort of your (home) office desktop. Projects save to the cloud for easy editing — any time, anywhere.

Collaboration for teams Collaboration for teams

Have a whole team dedicated to YouTube? WeVideo's video collaboration tools let your team create together with shared branding and project libraries!

Custom YouTube outros, too Custom YouTube outros, too

Start with a bang, end with a bang! The very same video editing tools that help you make a memorable intro will give you the perfect YouTube end screen.

How to make a YouTube intro video

Chock full of creative ideas? Start a new project from scratch. Prefer to kickstart your process with something ready-made? Choose a YouTube intro video template ready to customize for your channel’s niche.

Then upload your photos or video clips, drag and drop them on your Timeline, and let the YouTube intro making begin!

Even if you’ve never worked with video before, WeVideo has you covered with all the pro video editing tricks built in. Add text, animate it, insert royalty-free audio clips, layer tracks, trim footage, and more. (Way more.)

Keep your YouTube intro simple with a logo, some text, and a short video — or go all out with special effects, green screen, and boosted audio.

When you’re ready for primetime, export your YouTube video at your preferred video resolution (up to 4k Ultra HD). You can download your file to your device or publish directly to YouTube — and watch those views and likes go up!

And hey, while you're at it, why not resize your video for easy sharing to Facebook, TikTok, and all the other social networks?

Mockup of dragging a video clip onto a new YouTube intro project

Frequently asked questions

Simple: try WeVideo! Check out our browser-based YouTube intro maker or create in our mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Either way, you'll have access to all the key features and can easily create your YouTube intro. Drag and drop your own photo/video assets to our online video editor, or start with a YouTube template and add some stock if you don't have your own. Then throw in some text, upload your logo, fade in some music and — voila! — your YouTube intro video is done.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule, as different brands will benefit from different elements in their YouTube intro video.

As a good starting point, consider including your company name and logo, a selection of brand colors and fonts, and an audio clip (like a catchy tune or a unique sound effect). Some simple video edits can go a long way to adding visual interest, too.

As short as possible! You’ll often see the figure “10 seconds” thrown around as an answer to this question, but in most cases, 10 seconds is still too long. Try to cut your intro down to 3 or 4 seconds, max.

You want it to be long enough to make an impression but short enough to maintain the viewer’s attention. Don’t give them any opportunity to hit the back button.

In general, yes, you’ll want to use the same YouTube intro across videos—or at least a very similar one. Staying consistent with your brand, font, color, logo, music, and overall vibe can make you much more memorable to your audience. The intro doesn’t have to be exactly the same, though. Feel free to make clever little tweaks for holidays, special occasions, brand collabs, merch drops, or particularly important topics. (You can easily edit your saved projects in WeVideo.)

Just remember: the more sparingly you break the pattern, the more attention you’ll grab with your intro.

There’s one metric that you can use to (at least partially) judge the effectiveness of any YouTube intro. Within YouTube Analytics, go to the audience retention report for any video and look for the “intro” metric. This statistic tells you what percentage of your audience watched more than 30 seconds.

According to YouTube, a high intro percentage is a sign of engagement and can be taken as proof that your YouTube thumbnail, video title, video description, and intro scenes are all matching the viewer’s expectations and intent. If you have a low intro metric, try tweaking your opener with WeVideo’s YouTube intro maker.

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