Build a brand kit for marketing-approved videos, every time

Overloaded marketers too busy to handle all those video requests? Create a brand kit in WeVideo, and anyone can make studio-quality videos that earn marketing’s stamp of approval.

Mockup of using a brand kit to choose colors and logo for video

How to make a branding kit

Illustrative graphic of dragging brand asset onto video timeline in WeVideo

Logo & watermark

Brand kit 101: upload your logo and any video becomes a brand video! Set the alignment, size, and opacity for a subtle watermark that builds brand awareness across channels.

Upload your logo
Example of three different brand fonts


Save your brand fonts—up to three!—and easily select them across static text and motion titles. From video captions to calls to action, every word in every video will reflect your brand identity.

Manage fonts
Example brand color palette next to sample logo


No more wrangling with hex color codes or digging up that old brand guide PDF. Save your primary and secondary colors directly in WeVideo, and anyone can access them from the editor.

Add your brand colors
Collage of five video templates that can be customized with brand in WeVideo

Branded templates

Go beyond the branding basics by saving branded templates that your entire organization can use. Build consistency through motion titles, transitions, audio clips, stock footage, intros, and outros.

Create branded templates
Close-up of four people working on a brand board with sticky notes and colored pencils

One brand kit, countless benefits company-wide

Manage everything in one place Manage everything in one place

The beauty of a brand kit is that you can set it and forget it! Save all your brand assets to the same location, and they can be instantly applied to sales training videos, webinars, promo ads, and more.

Save time on video creation Save time on video creation

When you’re producing multimedia for every department (and, trust us, you should be), every minute counts. Less time hunting down logo files means more time for branded content video production.

Distribute the workload Distribute the workload

Set your brand and save custom templates, and your entire team can create on-brand videos—no sweat! Since your brand kit does the work of establishing visual consistency, all marketing has to do is sign off at the end.

Creative freedom + brand identity Creative freedom + brand identity

With a brand kit, your logo, colors, and fonts are locked in. But where you take them is up to you! Let your on-staff creatives take the basics and run with them while providing branded templates for those who need a little more direction. Win-win.

What our customers are saying

“WeVideo gives us the ability to scale our video offerings without extensive staff training or design experience. For example, a social media manager is empowered to create simple videos using the templates we establish in the system, and this allows more people within the agency to be video creators.”

David Tisdale

David Tisdale Marketing Director at Vx Group

“The simplicity of layout and the ease of use in WeVideo helps us produce beautiful promotions in the newest way possible.”

Melissa Fulwilder

Melissa Fulwilder Salon Manager, Bella Hair Salon

Frequently asked questions

A brand kit is a succinct guide to your company’s visual identity. At the very least, a branding kit will include a logo, colors, and fonts—all of which are covered in WeVideo!

Especially for larger companies (or even smaller businesses in which employees wear multiple hats), brand kits are essential to maintaining a consistent visual identity. By saving your brand in WeVideo, anyone can create an on-point branding video without tracking down assets or relying solely on the marketing department.

In WeVideo, it’s as simple as clicking the button for Manage brand. (But don’t worry—only admin users can access this feature, so you get to decide who has the brand power.) 

From there, you can upload your logo, adjust your watermark settings, and set your fonts and colors. That’s it!

Once your brand kit is saved to your WeVideo account, your branding will be automatically applied to videos across your organization. 

To take your brand identity a step further, create some branded templates! Todd from HR, Maria from customer support, Dan from sales…all can quickly choose a template to get pro-level results that meet marketing standards.

Create branded videos faster with a brand kit

Break down that miles-long marketing queue by setting up your brand in WeVideo. In just a few minutes, your whole team will be ready to create! Give it a try for free today.