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Add text to any video online with WeVideo! Create attention-grabbing motion titles, helpful subtitles & powerful CTAs — all done in our free apps or our online video editor.
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Snazzy text animation + way more

Pro video editing done in a snap? Absolutely! With WeVideo, you don't need any editing experience to add text to a video online.

Once you've uploaded your clip, you'll have fine control over ALL the text. Swap out fonts, change sizes, rotate, try new colors, and add pre-set animations — or create your own! Whatever it takes to make your words stand out.

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Create quickly with pro templates

When you needed your video yesterday, WeVideo templates are a game changer. Find a video template that fits your vibe and push out your latest video (with overlay text!) in a few clicks.

And by latest video, we mean any video: compelling product promos, employee training, viral TikToks, urgent internal comms, even personalized feedback for K–12 students.

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Free apps for iOS & Android

Our online tool, your workflow! Add text to your entire video from anywhere with the WeVideo iOS app or Android app. Try all the key features from any device.

If you prefer a desktop interface to a mobile app, we've got that, too! Use the same creative editing tools to add text to any video clip on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or any device.

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Add text to videos as a team

From small businesses to global teams, video creation is better together — and WeVideo is made for collaboration!

Add multiple users, give access to shared text styles (via your Brand Kit), and save projects to our secure cloud. Whether it's Meg from sales or Martin from marketing, anyone can create clips with on-brand fonts, subtitles & more.

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Why add text to videos with WeVideo?

Multi-track editing Multi-track editing

Feelin' fancy? Layer text over video over text over video! Add multiple tracks to your Timeline and then adjust the timing, size, spacing, animation, rotation, font & more.

Captions, subtitles & more Captions, subtitles & more

There's no limit to what you can do with text. Add one-click motion titles. Make your own subtitles. Emphasize a CTA with a flashing button. If it's got words, you can do it!

Custom templates Custom templates

Need a great intro or outro for your YouTube channel? Want a consistent CTA for all your sales collateral? Customize your own template and use the same text effects anywhere.

1M+ video & audio clips 1M+ video & audio clips

Not just a web-based video editor, WeVideo is your video creation sidekick. Round out your own content with 1M+ royalty-free stock assets: video, audio, sound effects & more.

Do it in the cloud Do it in the cloud

With our browser-based online editor, you won't need to download an app to create video content — unless you want to! All projects are auto-saved so you'll never lose progress.

Share it on social Share it on social

Add animations to YouTube, sticker-ish text to TikToks, and captions to Facebook videos. Perfect your video's font style and then upload directly to social media platforms.

How to add text to videos

Start with a ready-made video template if you want the fastest process or create a new video project from scratch.

Either way, click Import to upload the video file you want to add text to — choosing from social media sites, your device, or our huge stock library. Drag the clip to your Timeline to start editing.

Now that your clip is ready in our online tool, let the editing begin! Click into your template's text boxes to adjust the existing text, or add new text boxes for motion titles, captions, CTA buttons, annotations & more.

You can also add new tracks to your Timeline to layer additional text, video, or audio.

After you’ve added text and customized it to tell your story, it’s time to export your video. Simply select your preferred video resolution (from 720p to 4K Ultra HD) and file type (including GIF, MP4, and more).

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Frequently asked questions

Easy: give WeVideo a try! Head to the app store to download our free apps for iOS or Android, or jump into our browser-based version instead.

Upload your clip, play around with dozens of customizable text overlays and text animations, and then export your file when you're done.

Yep! With our all-in-one video editor, you can adjust text styles however you like. We recommend choosing a font and color that matches your branding elements and stays relatively consistent across videos and marketing channels.

Pro tip: save a Brand Kit to make sure your custom fonts, logo, watermark, and other brand assets are always on point — no matter who adds text to which video.

Adding text to a GIF is just as easy as adding text to a video. When you’re exporting your file from WeVideo, choose the Export as GIF option. That's it!

WeVideo supports the following audio formats: AIF, MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, and WMA.

WeVideo also supports the following video formats: 3GP, 3GPP, AVI, DIVX, DV, FLV, M4V, MJPEG, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, M2TS, MTS, MXF, OGV, WEBM, and WMV.

The best answer will depend on how you plan to use your video. Generally speaking, though, some good ideas for text include intro animations, end screens (with some kind of call to action), subtitles/captions, and in-video annotations.

Think about it like this. The main purpose of text is usually to draw the eye, to add extra context, to provide a next step, or to make video content more accessible to people with limited sight or hearing. So once you've created a first draft of any clip, rewatch it with an eye toward these aspects — then use WeVideo to add text wherever it could be helpful.

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