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Make complex topics clear and engaging with WeVideo’s explainer video maker. Whatever your KPIS, get more conversions, more sales & more engagement — no video experience required!
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Create explainer videos your way

WeVideo works for any workflow. Screen record from your browser, upload professional footage, or build your entire explainer video from scratch, right from our online video editor.

Professionally made explainer video templates certainly help — along with 1M+ royalty-free videos, images, and audio clips ready to perfectly illustrate your points.

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Simple video editing tools, yet pro results

Even the most bite-sized explainer videos are super engaging when you create + edit 'em in our explainer video maker.

Grab attention ASAP with a snazzy motion title and catchy background track. Tighten up your narration by trimming and merging clips. Add animations to guide the eye toward a CTA. All in just a few clicks (and from any device).

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Explain anything while staying on brand

Say goodbye to digging up logo files and hex colors! Save your brand assets to our explainer video maker, and anyone on your team can create explainer videos — without all that time-consuming creative oversight.

Use our collaborative video creation tools and shared project libraries to push out on-brand videos quicker than ever.

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Why use WeVideo's explainer video maker?

Text for captions & more Text for captions & more

Explain concepts clearly with easy-to-follow text annotations. Grab attention with animated titles or keep it simple with legible captions — perfect for sound-off social videos!

Voiceover + screen recording Voiceover + screen recording

Want to make a quick explainer video showing how to do something on the computer? Record your screen and capture audio directly from our video editor.

Pitch-perfect audio Pitch-perfect audio

The right background track will keep viewers tuned in at all the right moments. Choose from our rich stock library and then adjust the fade, volume & more.

Easily trim, merge & layer Easily trim, merge & layer

Our explainer video maker makes it easy to stitch together the perfect result. Upload multiple clips, trim out the fluff, and stack 'em together until your concept is crystal clear.

Mobile + desktop editing Mobile + desktop editing

Create explainer videos wherever you happen to be. Log in from any desktop device (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, etc.) or go mobile with our iOS and Android apps.

Explainer video templates Explainer video templates

Kickstart your explainer video creation process by starting with our templates — perfect for sales training, social ads, internal comms...anything.

How to use our explainer video maker

Start a new project in WeVideo and bring in all your assets. Still shots, screen recordings, videos, GIFs — all are welcome!

If you want a little extra help from our explainer video maker, start with a professionally designed video template instead. You can still upload all your photos and video clips, but you'll have a creative jumping-off point to speed up the video creation process. Win-win.

So you've never edited a video before? No problem! Drag and drop your clips to your Timeline and then take advantage of all our snazzy (and user-friendly) video editing tools.

Call attention to key concepts via arrows, text, sound effects, and transitions. Easily add voiceover narration and screen-recorded picture-in-picture, too.

If you're wanting something next-level, our explainer video maker also supports green screen. Shoot "on location" from anywhere.

Download your explainer video file at your preferred resolution (from 720p to 4K Ultra HD!), and then save it to your device or share it directly to social media.

And if you're planning to repurpose your explainer video across channels, you're in luck! No need to recreate your explainer video from scratch — our explainer video maker allows you to resize any video to all the most popular dimensions: horizontal, vertical, and square. Just resize, re-export, and you're done.

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Frequently asked questions

Like you might guess from the name, an explainer video is designed to explain something to its audience. And this “something” really could be anything: a concept, process, skill, product, service, etc. 

Most explainer videos are short and designed for some kind of marketing or sales purpose. Longer videos that have a purely educational intent tend to be classified more as tutorial videos or training videos, though there’s definitely some wiggle room in terminology.

It’s easy: start right here! WeVideo is a free explainer video maker that you can try right now. We do offer completely free accounts (with some feature limitations, like watermarks and restricted video publishing times), or you could take a Professional or Business account for a spin through a free trial.

Either way, the basic steps for making explainer videos are the same:

  1. Upload your explainer video assets as images, audio, and/or video files.
  2. Use WeVideo’s editor to polish your video by adding text, voiceover, animations, music, and more.
  3. Download your file, send it to cloud storage, or share it on social media. Done!

You can get all the same key features from any device, from iPhones to Androids to desktop computers. As long as you've got internet, you can make an impactful explainer video with WeVideo.

There are all kinds of explainer videos out there. Over the last decade, the animated whiteboard style has been especially popular.

Other common types of explainer videos include live action videos, talking head videos, animated infographics, and simple slideshows with narration. You could even lightly edit a webinar recording and re-release it as an explainer video!

All of the best explainer videos are short, clear, engaging, and relevant to the audience. They also provide an obvious call-to-action or next step for the viewer to take.

No matter the topic, the most important thing for an explainer video is to clearly answer a question or solve a problem that your audience has. Beyond that, some creative video edits can add visual interest and make your video even more memorable!

The best length for an explainer video will depend on the video's intent, publishing platform, and audience.

If you're posting an explainer video as a social media ad, for example, you'll want to keep it as short as possible. Definitely under 90 seconds — but 60 or 30 seconds would be even better. (And remember that many social users watch videos on mute, so add some on-screen text for sure!)

If you're creating a customer onboarding video, on the other hand, you can probably get away with a longer video — especially if you're demonstrating a tricky task or niche topic.

A good rule of thumb for creating explainer videos is this: simpler and shorter is always better. Show your video to an unfamiliar audience to see whether the topic has been explained as clearly as possible in as few seconds as possible.

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