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Meet Courtney Wasserburger of Right Left Agency

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Courtney Wasserburger, Account Manager

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Costa Mesa, CA

At a Glance

Right Left Agency is a full-service marketing agency focused on delivering data-driven results to help clients of all sizes generate leads and increase online awareness. The name refers to their use of left-brain creativity driven by right-brain analytics and testing to deliver maximum results with every marketing campaign decision.

The Opportunity

Video ads are a critical part of the Right Left marketing and lead-generation repertoire. The benefits, when applied to social media such as Facebook, are well supported by the agency’s data which show Facebook's algorithm favors video over image-based ads, and that consumers engage more readily with video. The high cost and complexity of hiring professional video production teams kept the service out of reach for many smaller clients. It also restricted larger clients from making opportunistic uses of tailored video to supplement campaigns. Right Left Agency sought a solution that would enable it to offer an affordable video creation service that would help clients effectively realize a return on their investment in video marketing.

Putting WeVideo to Work

Rather than setting up shoots for content, Courtney works in partnership with clients to review existing assets to see what can be repurposed, then combines those with stock video, images, and music such as those offered by WeVideo Essentials. She’ll even shoot testimonials and other video clips using a smartphone. Despite having no prior professional video experience, Courtney made her first client video in just a couple of hours. With refinement, that has dropped to under an hour, and often dramatically less. By creating a unique WeVideo template for a given client and forgoing the expense of an outside editor, Right Left can rapidly create new, fresh videos as frequently as every week, even within the budgets of small business clients.

The Results

According to Courtney, the real proof is in the data. In testing their best performing image-based Facebook ad against the best performing video ad, Right Left found the video ad yielded an 87% lower cost per click along with triple the click-thru rate, meaning more potential customers are driven directly to their clients. In the case of the example video, a local astrologer, Right Left was able to use Facebook’s targeted ad delivery based on a particular astrological sign, further narrowed by month born. By featuring graphic titles in the video that visually called out the sign, Right Left was able to grab the attention of a particular audience successfully. Analysis also revealed an increase in the quality of leads. Thanks to the richer, more detailed explanations of products and services delivered by video, prospects who opt to click-thru video ads are better informed, tend to be more interested, and are closer to a purchase decision.

What's Next

Right Left continues to expand its use of home-grown video on behalf of its clients. Courtney says the video editing is easy; so easy in fact that she now finds updating video ads as easy as image ads. With just a few low-cost purchases to add accessories such as zoom lenses and microphones to enhance their smartphone video shoots, Right Left has further elevated the quality of their video production. This has caught the attention of larger clients for whom Right Left is beginning to repurpose assets from sophisticated, professional video shoots to create new, timely ad opportunities. Seeing Courtney’s success, more Right Left employees have started to work with the WeVideo video creation platform.

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