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What's new in WeVideo for Schools

Share folders and screen capture faster

April 2024

Time-saving enthusiasts, unite! We've made two updates to help make your workflow as efficient as possible:

1. Share multiple projects at once. Simply create and share a folder with other collaborators and they will get permissions to everything in the folder.

2. Record screen captures directly from your WeVideo hub. Afterward, they'll automatically appear in the Uploads tab for quick access!

Screen capture tool in WeVideo.

Save time lesson planning with AI Interactions

April 2024

HUGE update for WeVideo Interactivity users! Automatically generate and customize interactive video questions with our new AI Interactions tool.

If your school or district doesn't have interactivity, contact your WeVideo representative (or get in touch with us here to discuss pricing options). 

AI Interactions tool in WeVideo.

Background noise reduction, blurring, playlist collaboration, and more!

February 2024

Reduce Background Noise.

Introducing: The Product Feedback Portal

January 2024

You asked, we listened. Access the Product Feedback Portal directly from the Help tab (question mark icon) in WeVideo, and leave feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and what you’d like to see in future updates. Your feedback helps us continue to make the best product we can for you and your students — thank you!

The Product Feedback Portal in WeVideo.

The return of Storyboard, PDF interactions, updates to Assignments

January 2024

Happy New Year! We're back with a bundle full of product updates this month.


WeVideo Interactivity:

If your school or district doesn't have interactivity, contact your WeVideo representative (or get in touch with us here to discuss pricing options). 

Storyboard Editor in WeVideo.

Text styles, Next-Gen updates, and more!

December 2023

WeVideo updates:

WeVideo Interactivity updates:

If your school or district doesn't have interactivity, contact your WeVideo representative (or get in touch with us here to discuss pricing options!). 

Title card. Product update. Meet the new text styles in WeVideo.

Oh hey there, playlists & Learner-Made Bulbs

October 2023

Two HUGE updates for WeVideo Interactivity users:

  • PlaylistsPersonalize, and differentiate lessons with multiple interactive videos, all in a single, streamlined channel. Perfect for: flipped classroom lessons, back-to-school onboarding, professional development, substitute plans (+ more!).

  • Learner-Made-Bulbs (LMBs)Empower your students and other educators to create their own interactive content. Perfect for: project-based learning, peer-to-peer lesson recording, administrator evaluations (+ more!).

If your school or district doesn't have interactivity, contact your WeVideo representative (or get in touch with us here to discuss pricing options!). 

Playlist made in WeVideo Interactivity.

It's Christmas in October!

October 2023

We're chock-full of Classroom improvements this month, including:

  • Reuse an assignment: Save time lesson planning by reusing past assignments for other existing classes or new ones.
  • Rename projects: Just like in the Classic space, rename projects directly from the editor.
What's new in WeVideo October 2023.

Introducing the future of WeVideo!

July 2023

Have you noticed your WeVideo dashboard looking ever-so-slightly different these days? Under these small UI changes are some big updates for both Classic and Classroom users! See what’s new in WeVideo Next-Gen, our newly unified editing experience.

Find out what's new for you

Screenshot with WeVideo video editing options, Next-Gen highlighted

Interactivity for ANY video

July 2023

WeVideo educators can now add interactive questions to any video — unlocking higher engagement and better retention, plus real-time learner data. (Pro tip: make life WAY easier with auto-grading, too!)

(Note: This feature is available at an additional cost. Account admin from interested schools/districts should contact us directly.)

See how interactivity works

WeVideo interactivity options

Audio-only mobile recording, assignment teams, and more!

April 2023

No April Fool's here! We've introduced a treasure trove of updates to our Classroom space and mobile app, including:

Explore the updates in Classroom

WeVideo mobile app open to audio recording tool. Teal background behind mobile device with purple soundwaves and dark teal music notes.

Use the force, dear educator...

March 2023

...and seamlessly toggle between light and dark mode in the Classroom space! And that's not all:

Explore the updates in Classroom

Split-screen of light and dark mode in WeVideo's Classroom editor.

Accessibility for the win!

January 2023

Educators, BIG update! Well...big in terms of functionality, little in terms of learning curve. Now you can automatically generate subtitles (and .vtt subtitle files) for any video in the Projects tab. More accessible video content = deeper learning for all.

Learn how to generate subtitles

subtitle generator-thumbnail

Ta-ta, backgrounds

November 2022

Easily remove and replace video backgrounds in our iOS app with just a few taps. Talk about an A+ feature for student assignments. PLUS, some extra credit for ya — we've added the power of "copy to web" to the Classroom space. Start projects in the app (and, y'know, use the background remover), then finish them in the Classroom editor!

Get the WeVideo iOS app

Mobile phone showing background being removed in WeVideo app. App Store download button.

Better assignments + anytime invitations

October 2022

  • Enhanced Assignments: No more “Teacher, where’s that resource again?” Now you can add rich text, hyperlinks, and even media directly to your assignments.

  • Invitation Collaboration: Invite anyone from your WeVideo school account to collaborate on projects at any time—beginning, middle, or end!

Enhance your assignments

Title card for WeVideo Enhanced Assignments video

Media uploader to the rescue!

October 2022

We heard you educators—your students are recording content on their phones and need an easy-peasy way to transfer it straight from the app to the Classroom editor. Good news: Now they can (and so can you!).

See how it works

Title card for WeVideo for Schools Media Uploader video

Send projects directly to PlayPosit

October 2022

Exciting news, educators! We've taken the first step towards a seamless WeVideo + PlayPosit workflow. You can now send projects directly from WeVideo to PlayPosit.

Learn how

PlayPosit and WeVideo computer mockup on teal background

Classroom Updates: Projects & Co-Teacher Flow

September 2022

  • Working on something not related to a classroom assignment? Now you (and your students) can do so directly in the Classroom space. Just click on the Projects tab!

  • Co-Teacher Flow: Easily add other educators to Classes for instant instructional collaboration.
Title card for WeVideo Classroom Update: Projects video

WeVideo acquires PlayPosit!

August 2022

We're excited to welcome PlayPosit into the WeVideo family! Get ready to enhance video content for your students with interactive engagement and real-time measurement capabilities.

Read the press release


New tools in the Classroom space

August 2022

Good news! We've made a few updates to the Classroom space, including adding new features for your students, like filters and Grid & Snap.

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Purple speech bubble announcing classroom update for WeVideo for Schools

Add WeVideo to Google Classroom

July 2022

Educators can add WeVideo directly to Google classroom with the new add-on feature. In other words, it just got even easier to use WeVideo with your students!

Learn more about the WeVideo add-on

WeVideo logo next to Google Classroom logo

Bring impactful multimedia creation into the classroom