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Go viral with funny video memes made in WeVideo’s online meme maker! Pull from our hilarious meme templates or create your own, then export an MP4 or GIF to share on social media.
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Go viral faster with meme templates

The absolute fastest way to create viral video content? Pick a template, customize it, and get your meme out into the world!

Whether you're an educator looking to connect with students or a business wanting to capitalize on the latest trending topics, you've got a shortcut to viral-worthy memes for any demographic.

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Snazzy video editing done easily

From Gen Z's favorite dank memes to those OG text-photo combos, you can create any style of meme in our meme maker.

Keep it simple with a light animation and some witty meme text, or go all out with green screen magic, special effects, cool fonts, and layered tracks of video + music. Why not make it slo-mo, too? It's all easy.

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Your wit + our assets = 😂

You bring the jokes; we’ll bring everything else! Our meme generator serves up more than 1M stock assets including videos, audio clips, sound effects, and photos.

Whether you start with a template or create your own meme from scratch, you can drag and drop creative assets to fill any gaps. Take your meme from "meh" to "must share immediately!" with just a few clicks.
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Create video memes on any device

When you're trying to keep up with trends that change at a lightning pace, you need a meme maker that lets you create any time, anywhere. Hello, WeVideo!

Use our meme generator online from any desktop (including Mac, Chromebook, and Windows) or download our free apps for iOS and Android. In app or in browser, it's always the same amazing meme editor.

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Why use WeVideo’s free meme maker?

Motion titles Motion titles

Not only can you find the perfect font in our meme generator— you can animate it, too! Grab attention in a split-second with trendy motion titles added in a click.

Multiple meme formats Multiple meme formats

Get the most shareable video meme for TikTok, Facebook, Instagram & more. Export your file as an MP4 or GIF in vertical, horizontal, or square format.

Trim, cut & merge Trim, cut & merge

Make a viral meme out of multiple video clips. Just upload your files to our meme creator, drag and drop them to your Timeline, and cut and merge to perfection.

Huge stock library Huge stock library

Silly, funny, cute, or deadpan, you can get the perfect tone for your meme with our stock assets. Throw in a clip of raining donuts, add a goofy sound effect...anything!

Audio options Audio options

Our online video editor gives you full control over the tunes! More than music, too. Add voiceover narration, fade in sound effects, adjust audio levels & more.

Great for teams Great for teams

Need an app that works with teams? Collaborate on video memes with WeVideo! Add multiple users, save a Brand Kit, and even create your own meme templates.

How to use our meme maker

Get started quickly with our ready-made meme templates, or start a project from scratch in the WeVideo editor. (Don't forget that you can download our iOS app or Android app if you want to create on the go.)

Upload your own photos, images, and soundtracks and then drag them to your Timeline. If you don't have your own, grab some from our stock library.

Then do all your meme editing — from text and fonts to music and audio — and choose your preferred format: horizontal, vertical, or square.

When you've finished customizing in our meme maker, choose your preferred file type: MP4 or GIF. If you choose an MP4, you can also select your preferred resolution. 

Then choose to save your meme to your device, send it to cloud storage, or share it directly to social media.

Frequently asked questions

They can be if you use an online tool like WeVideo! Whether you use our app or our browser version, you can create your own meme completely for free. Upload photos and videos, add motion text, arrange clips on multiple tracks, and more.

Our free version offers limited publishing time, but since memes are incredibly short, this really isn't a limitation. If you want upgraded features like higher video resolution or a watermark-free export, check out our paid plans.

The beautiful thing about memes is that anything goes. Some memes are super professional-looking; others are grungy, amateurish, and clearly handmade. Both can work wonders with different audiences! In fact, the less polished video memes might actually do better with certain crowds.

Either way, try a template to get a shortcut to a guaranteed-great meme.

"Classic" memes (AKA those from the early days of the internet) most often use a font called Impact. But these days, any font will do!

Keep in mind that video memes are often quite short, so it's best to choose a simple font that's easy to read, even at small sizes. Make sure that the contrast between the background and the text is high enough as well.

The two best rules of thumb: 1) stay current and 2) know your memes! There's no way faster way to alienate an audience than to use an outdated meme or to use a current meme in the wrong way. That is, unless you're doing it intentionally (and your audience understands the irony).

So stay on top of meme trends, look at what other creators are doing, and have someone in the know evaluate your memes before you post them. Another important tip: make sure your funny meme matches your brand voice.

Memes are often created in a square format because that's what worked best in the early days of social media. Today, though, your meme video can work well at other formats, too — it just depends on which platform you're sharing on.

TikTok, for instance, uses a vertical format; platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram don't have required aspect ratios. When in doubt, take a quick look and see what other meme makers are posting and sharing.

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