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Resize to fit and share with TikTok Video Editor. No apps to download and no experience needed.
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Express yourself and build your brand with TikTok videos. Share your personality with family and friends. Promote your products and services to clients. The TikTok Video Editor makes it easy to resize in 9:16 format, apply filters and post your videos in minutes for the world to adore.
How about some videos to help build your TikTok video expertise
Skating Vibes
See how the smooth music track, use of slo-mo, slow dissolves and fun text blocks project a cool, laid-back Summer skating vibe.
Minimal editing in this clip takes a serious title and contrasts that with a playful expression and quirky use of fruit props.
Dancing Weekend
See how the semi-transparent text block still reveals some fancy footwork while showcasing the topic with a fancy title.

How to make engaging TikTok videos with WeVideo

Upload your photos & video clips

Start from scratch or with a video template. Add your own photos and videos, then drag and drop to the editor. Easy!

Photo of woman on staircase outside, being uploaded to WeVideo media library.
Customize your video

Add your own logo or branding. Add custom text. Choose music and stock footage from our library. Whether you keep it simple or customize every detail, WeVideo TikTok editor makes it look great.

WeVideo clip editor. Editing text with Dancing into the weekend.
Download & Publish Your TikTok Video

Once your video is finished, choose your resolution and download to save it. You can post your video on TikTok or directly on your website.

Download and Publish Your TikTok Video

Why use the WeVideo TikTok Video Editor?


Apply video effects

Select video effects to make your video shine, like picture-in-picture, green screen, animation and create non-scrolling TikTok videos.


Tiktok aspect ratio

Easily resize any video to fit TikTok’s 9:16 aspect ratio. Our TikTok video editor helps you with vertical video templates made for social media.


Mix and transition

Use any video transitions to fade audio in/out, mix in sound effects, or add background music to enhance the audio track.


Add text and music

Add flair and make your video more polished by choosing motion titles and music from our extensive library of stock assets.



Easily create a voiceover using our webcam recording tools in the video editor.


Edit any video from any device

From PC, Mac, or in the browser you can edit any video file type (including MP4, MOV, AVI, WEBM, WMV, and more!)

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Frequently asked questions

There are many options, and WeVideo is great because it’s easy to use with no editing experience and offers lots of templates and stock libraries.

TikTok videos are presented in a vertical format (9:16 ratio – 1080x1920). File formats supported are .mp4 and .mov files. Ads can also be .avi and .gif files. WeVideo also offers properly formatted templates to make it easy.

TikTok videos can be 5s to 60s in length and the file size varies depending on resolution, effects and other factors. Video file size can be up to 287.6 MB for iOS or 72 MB for Android.

It’s fast and easy to add text using either the TikTok app (link to ??) or the WeVideo editor (link to blog).