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How influencer Kat Norton used WeVideo to take off on TikTok

/ Kristen Sato

If mastering spreadsheets, sorting numbers, and manipulating data makes your head spin, Kat Norton’s got your back. To her more than 1M followers on TikTok and Instagram, Norton is known as, “Miss Excel”. Using her magnetic energy and effervescent persona, Norton dances her way through dynamic video lessons that offer essential tips, practical tricks, and key insights on Microsoft Excel.

What started as a side hustle quickly grew into a lucrative seven-figure, full-time business. Today, Norton uses TikTok and Instagram to market her Excel training classes, which generate 95% of her income. Forbes recently named Norton one of the top social media influencers of 2021.

@miss.excel Look like an Excel pro at work with this trick! 🔥 #learnhow #worklife #excel #learnontiktok ♬ Sequence - Else

"When I first started the business, I worried about how I was going to put an Excel screen over my head, since I had never edited a video in my life. At that point, I was still working 60 hours a week at a day job, so I needed to find the easiest program to learn. I Googled, “What is the easiest video editing software?” WeVideo is what I found. I watched a 40-minute YouTube video tutorial on that program. I’ve used WeVideo to create all my videos and courses ever since. I don’t edit on apps like TikTok or Instagram to avoid their watermarks when I upload videos cross-platform."

As a successful entrepreneur, Norton runs all aspects of her business and is a one-stop-shop for all creative content. To this end, Norton uses WeVideo’s cloud-based and user-friendly video editing platform to create all of her social media and training course videos. 

With no prior video editing experience, Norton discovered WeVideo while searching for the easiest and most accessible tool. After watching a quick tutorial, Norton started using WeVideo to create content in May 2020.

Since then, Norton has used WeVideo to produce hundreds of videos, and she loves the platform’s ease-of-use and cross-platform publishing capabilities. The daily demands of her business require that high-quality videos be created quickly, without additional time to export multiple versions. With WeVideo, Norton can publish with one click, allowing her to create a video once and distribute it across multiple web and social media platforms. During this time, Norton’s infatuation for WeVideo has grown exponentially.

“I absolutely LOVE using WeVideo! It is so simple to use and has all the features I need to build creative courses and content.”

The WeVideo integration with Google Drive also speeds things up, with bulk upload features allowing her to transfer multiple files at once. 

To polish her videos, Norton uses WeVideo’s Essentials library with 1M+ commercially licensed image, video, and audio files to enhance her content and engage viewers. She also leverages WeVideo’s robust text tools to add context to her lessons, helping her audience follow along and better retain key information.

To learn more about Kat Norton, follow her on TikTok and Instagram, and view her course catalogue on: https://miss-excel.thinkific.com