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Video tutorials that teach and succeed on YouTube

/ Nitesh Dutt

Are you wondering what a great video tutorial looks like and what separates the great ones from the mediocre ones? We’ve picked out three examples of channels, and creators, that have found success (and millions of followers) on YouTube.

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Our first video tutorial channel comes from NikkieTutorials. There are plenty of makeup tutorial channels on YouTube, but Nikkie’s personality and connection with her audience are what help her stand out from the crowd. Let’s take the above video as an example; her opening clip shows her humor and personality. Then comes the intro, which outlines what she’s going to be showing audiences. As you go through the tutorial, she continues with a friendly tone and tells you why each step is vital to get your finished product. 

How to Cook That

There are cooking tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to make simple recipes, and then there’s How to Cook That. Each video from host Ann Reardon takes viewers on a culinary adventure. Her videos include everything from 200-year-old recipes to “Up” themed gingerbread houses and other extreme desserts. Ann tackles recipes, new and old, with layers of insight and knowledge into why ingredients are selected and how they complement one another. 

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Fitness channels and videos have exploded in popularity on YouTube over the past few years, but few come with the expertise of Athlean-X. Led by Jeff Cavaliere, the Athlean-X channel provides workouts, nutritional advice and ways to stay in shape and healthy. With years of experience under his belt, Jeff’s videos are easy to follow and come with a hint of humor. Even if you’re a novice lifter/fitness fan, Athlean-X is full of tutorials that engage and teach.

These tutorials, and channels, stand out in their own special ways. Have you created a tutorial or demo that you’re proud of? Join our Facebook community and share your video with us.