How to clone yourself using WeVideo

/ Max Thorpe

In this fun episode, Tyler and Max show how to clone and have a conversation with yourself using the cropping tool in WeVideo. They stress that it's critical to have a well-lit environment and use a tripod for a stable shot. They also go over how to cover up your mistakes in case you give yourself too much or too little time to respond during the conversation. If all goes well, you'll end up with a finished video like the one below.

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Lastly, Tyler and Max wrap things up by answering some questions that came from the WeVideo Facebook community. They go over how to filter for audio-only in the stock media library to search for music and sound effects (26:00), how to do slow motion (28:30), a workaround for splitting the audio from a video clip (33:00), and how to copy and paste (31:00).