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Social media news you need to know this month [April]

/ Kristen Sato

Hey, creators! This month we’re seeing an uptick in activity from social media giants looking to empower creators. Clubhouse is heating up the competition and others are quickly trying to keep up. Read on to see other social media headlines this month. 

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Clubhouse launches payments 

Clubhouse payments Image source: Clubhouse

Clubhouse has announced its first monetization feature for creators. Users are now able to send direct payments to any creator on the platform using a credit or debit card. Clubhouse partner, Stripe, will handle payment processing. Clubhouse doesn’t take a cut from payments; it all goes directly to the creator. 


LinkedIn announces LinkedIn Learning Hub

LinkedIn Learning Hub Image source: LinkedIn

In an effort to “give companies the tools to invest in their own employees and to incentivize them to learn new skills,” LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky announced a new skill-building platform will launch in the later half of the year. LinkedIn Learning Hub will feature personalized content to help professionals build their job skills, community-based learning, and built-in data and analytics.


Facebook to test new business discovery features in US

Facebook discovery tools for businesses Image source: Facebook

Facebook is testing new features to help businesses get discovered in News Feed. Users can tap on topics they’re interested in under posts and ads (beauty, fitness, clothing, etc.), where they can then explore content from related businesses. Earlier this month, Facebook announced other features to help businesses, including the ability to post and schedule stories.


Reddit unveils its Clubhouse clone, Reddit Talk

Image source: Reddit

In a move to keep up with Clubhouse, Reddit is testing Reddit Talk, a feature that lets users host live audio conversations within Reddit communities. The company aims to encourage interaction in the form of “Q&As, AMAs, lectures, sports-radio-style discussions, community feedback sessions, or simply to give community members a place to hang out.” To try the new feature, sign up on Reddit’s waitlist


Clubhouse announces undisclosed Series C round

Clubhouse app photo Image source: TechCrunch

Clubhouse has received an undisclosed Series C round, valued at $4B according to TechCrunch. With the funds the company aims to “heavily scale our team to support international growth, invest in localization and accessibility features, launch more programs like the Creator First accelerator to help creators get paid, invest deeply in discovery to help people find the best rooms, and continue to scale our support and community health teams,” states the company blog. 


Facebook introduces miniplayer that streams Spotify from the Facebook app

Spotify in Facebook Image source: Spotify

Facebook and Spotify are expanding their partnership to help users discover and share music and podcasts. Users will be able to launch a miniplayer within the Facebook app on iOS and Android. See how it works in a video on the Spotify blog

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