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Meet Lara Currie of Currie Support Services

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Lara Currie, Owner

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May 2017
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Currie Support Services
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Professional Consulting
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Seattle, WA
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At a Glance

Lara Currie helps clients navigate difficult situations and conflict by developing effective communication skills. Lara hosts a podcast, wrote the self-help book Difficult Happens, and is a sought-after host for her seminars and consultation meetings centered around “all things difficult.”

The Opportunity

Lara’s work requires that she and her clients openly and honestly address uncomfortable topics. Videos help Lara quickly open up those conversations in an approachable way. To be effective with this, Lara needed a process for quickly creating a significant volume of professional-caliber video content that would support, rather than disrupt, her schedule.

Putting WeVideo to Work

Lara especially appreciates WeVideo features that enable her to work quickly, keep content fresh and achieve professional results. For example, the ability to speed up and slow down clips helps Lara edit more quickly. Adjusting the volume of audio helps her set just the right tone at different points in a video. Plus, elegant transitions put a professional polish on her videos. Lara finds that with WeVideo she spends less time editing and more time developing her message and building consistency across her content.

The Results

Video content helps Lara prepare clients before she meets with them, enabling her to dive deeply into addressing their needs. “The projects I have created with WeVideo have established me as an influencer and expert in my field, helped sell my book, and introduced me to people that would not have known me before.” Lara is proud of her 6-part video series called ‘the secret gifts in every emotion,’ a concise set of videos that “help explain a little more about why what I do is important.”

What's Next

Lara recently partnered with a social media firm to promote her business. She anticipates that video content will comprise 80% of her social content over the next year. “Video is my own, preferred way of learning and I will always have it as a large piece of how I work and communicate with clients.”

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