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Enhancing Client Communications with Video

Bella's Hair Studio is a large salon located in The Villages, Florida with a reputation for cutting-edge beauty services and dynamic customer communication. Its nearly forty employees include professionals certified in a range of specialties, from advanced hair treatments and styling to unique manicures.


Maintaining a top position in a competitive local market requires excellent, ongoing communication with clientele. Salon Manager Melissa Fulwider recognized that she could strengthen her client relationships through video content. For her, “Video is THE medium in today’s evolving technology. With devices becoming more sophisticated, WeVideo is the perfect addition to help turn you into a pro!”


Melissa found that WeVideo fit her needs perfectly. “I’m not a professional photographer or video producer—I’m a hairstylist—but WeVideo has so much to offer. Our first video was made to promote a charity. It turned out so good that most people thought we had paid a professional video editor to do it!” After coordinating with staff to capture the video assets she needed, Melissa completed her first video in about an hour and was very happy with the results. She found that, “as long as the footage is just relatively good, I can put together something great in WeVideo very quickly.”


The salon posts videos on Facebook and uses content strategically to increase visibility in local Google searches. As a local business that relies on building genuine client relationships and delivering superior service, Melissa has found that videos which include authentic footage of salon clients and staff perform much better on social media than videos that use only stock content. She says, “Where a canned or pre-made post might have had ten people respond, the videos we shoot ourselves get ten times the response or more.”


Melissa says that clients often say, “I wish I had you at home in the morning to do my hair because you make me look my best.” Those conversations sparked an idea: A video library featuring salon specialists explaining the use of products and techniques would deliver ongoing value to existing clientele and help attract new customers.

According to Melissa, “WeVideo is an asset that will continue letting us do amazing things. The simplicity of layout and the ease of use in WeVideo helps us produce beautiful promotions in the newest way possible.” Video is now a cornerstone of the business’ strategy for engaging clientele and attracting new customers.

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