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Reimagining Compliance Training for Student Leaders with PlayPosit

As key members of the Student Involvement team of Texas Tech University, Director Amy Prause and Assistant Director Emily Warren are dedicated to enhancing student success and community through supporting student organizations. With oversight of these organizations' compliance, they recognized the need to improve accessibility and efficiency with required trainings and campus resources.


The Texas Tech Student Involvement team faced significant challenges with their compliance training. This was  primarily due to its reliance on in-person meetings and Zoom webinars, which students found inconvenient due to timing and location constraints. Acknowledging that there was an opportunity to improve the experience, Amy Prause considered a strategic approach was needed, "We wanted to make our registered student organization compliance trainings and the overall compliance process more efficient, more user-friendly, and more accessible for our students."


To solve their challenges, the team initiated a pilot with PlayPosit, an online interactive video learning platform. Emily Warren led the implementation and collaboration with PlayPosit, ensuring a smooth transition from pilot to deployment. The team promoted the compliance training through various channels, including email, web, and social media. New features designed to enhance the student experience were also deployed, including PDF interactions, adjustable playback speed, and quiz check-ins using multiple-choice questions.


Example of a course playlist, made in PlayPosit.


A look at the team's Admin Dashboard in PlayPosit.

PlayPosit yielded considerable benefits for the team. With the flexibility to create lessons with interactive videos for different student organizations, the team were able to rapidly offer tailored training content. Emily praised the platform, "Once I have that video content, it takes me no more than 30 minutes to create the bulb and make sure that all the settings are correct. The tagging system helped me keep track of different playlists for different years." PlayPosit’s dashboard also made it possible to track completion and analyze data for continuous improvement. "The platform enables us to gather fantastic analytics, allowing us to accurately track student training modules completions and individual student progress.”

PlayPosit's analytics offer individual data for each learner.

In fact, the team saw an 11% improvement in response rates from the organizations that participated in the training. “Last year, only 386 of the 500 students did so. When comparing students needing to complete risk management training this year, 32 of 36 students did. This improvement proves the training is more accessible to students.” Finally, a recent sentiment survey of student leaders revealed that the new content significantly contributed to their organizations' success, while also reducing stress and worry about compliance by 25%, underscoring the effectiveness of the updated training approach.


Amy, Emily, and their Texas Tech’s Student Involvement Team experience with PlayPosit has been overwhelmingly positive, resulting in increased efficiency and better compliance. The support and functionality provided by the platform have far outstripped alternative options, And with the team already considering future uses such as integrating PlayPosit into larger events for interactive learning experiences, it’s now considered an integral tool. Amy concluded, “Licensing PlayPosit is one of the best things we’ve done. Its usage in reimagining our compliance training has truly turned out to be the most effective initiative for our student organizations.”

For universities facing challenges in compliance training for student organizations, prioritizing the streamlining of their training processes is essential. Neglecting this could lead to difficulties in promoting student leadership development or, more critically, result in non-compliance with state laws and university standards. By adopting educational technologies such as PlayPosit, universities can enhance training efficiency, boost student engagement, encourage collaboration, and facilitate ongoing enhancements to their training strategies.

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