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University’s School of Nursing Delivers Engaging Online Learning Content Using PlayPosit

Elaine Kauschinger, a respected family nurse practitioner and lead faculty member at Duke University’s School of Nursing, brings a unique approach to teaching Masters level nursing courses. Since 2018, she has been instructing learners who are not only working professionals but also experts seeking advanced practice in a top-ranking nursing program. 


  • Enhancing engagement: Moving away from traditional narrative lectures to make learning more engaging for tech-savvy learners.

  • Microlearning approach: Condensing lecture information into management and engaging chunks enables learners to absorb content more effectively.

  • Promote work/study balance: Many learners are in full-time careers and need access to asynchronous learning opportunities.

  • Low maintenance: Ensuring the ability to update course material to keep updated content in place with the rapid changes in healthcare knowledge. 


Dr. Kauschinger integrated PlayPosit by WeVideo into her hybrid course format, focusing on asynchronous content with bulbs (PlayPosit’s word for interactive videos) to free up time for synchronous patient case debriefings. Her use of PlayPosit was twofold. First, she strengthened lectures with interactive questions. Then, she encouraged critical evaluation of social media content, like drug commercials. This approach fostered metacognition and kept students at the forefront of healthcare knowledge. 


The implementation of PlayPosit in Dr. Kauschinger’s course yielded significant results. 

  • Enhanced engagement achieved: Students demonstrated increased engagement through interactive elements in lectures.

  • Microlearning content: Embedding interactions in lectures helped reinforce critical information, making it more digestible and memorable for students.

  • Work/study balance success: PlayPosit’s effective delivery of content and reliable customer service met the high technological expectations of the learners.

  • Ease of updating content: The platform’s editing features enabled quick updates to lectures.


Dr. Kauschinger’s experience highlights the importance of adapting to the changing landscape of education, particularly in professional and advanced studies. The success of PlayPosit reflects how interactive and up-to-date content can significantly enhance the learning experience. 

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