It's a WeVideo dance party ?

/ Jeremie Gluckman

Join the #WeVideoDanceParty social challenge

The need to connect with one another online feels more pressing than ever in this time of social distancing. 

With this in mind, we’re pleased to offer the WeVideo Creator Community, an online community where teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders access training, share resources, and advocate for creativity in the classroom. Community members become better teachers and grow as leaders together. 

We’re so excited about the opportunity to build a network of leaders who embrace student voice that we’re launching a social media challenge.

Show us how excited YOU are by participating in the #WeVideoDanceParty virtual challenge. No matter what you may be facing, a good dance break can always lift your spirits.

Here’s the deal: 

STEP 1: Select one of the 3 options below.
STEP 2: Share your post to Twitter mentioning @WeVideo and #WhatsYourStory
STEP 3: Once you’ve posted, nominate 3 other people to participate.

Thanks for playing your part by staying at home and helping get the word out about the WeVideo Creator Community. See you there!

Participate in the challenge and redeem points in the community!


Option 1: To celebrate the new WeVideo Creator Community share a video of your best dance move in front of a greenscreen ? We’ll collect your submissions and create a giant #WeVideoDance party! 

Option 2: Post your bitmoji striking a pose and tell us why you’re excited about the WeVideo Creator Community! 

Option 3: Post a 30-second selfie video sharing 1 way you use WeVideo.

Tweet your videos to @WeVideo using the hashtag “What’s your story” and let’s have one huge dance party!