Getting started with the WeVideo Creator Community

March 16, 2020 / By

WeVideo Creator Community

The WeVideo Creator Community is where teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders access training, share resources, and advocate for creativity in the classroom. Community members become better teachers and grow as leaders together. 

But how does it all work? Here are a few easy ways (with videos linked) to get started:

1. Logging in to the community Logging into the community is easy just use your work email or Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to get started. 

2. Contributing to discussions in the community Once you’re in, you can explore categories and post topics. Find a thread that sparks your interest and start a conversation!

3. Completing tasks and rewards in the community All of your activities in the community worth points that you can redeem for fun rewards of contributions to social causes you care about. 

4. Leader-board and community referrals In the community, you can keep tabs on everyone’s progress and race to the top of the leaderboard. You can also suggest others who might be a good fit for WeVideo. 

Can’t wait to hear #WhatsYourStory and much more in the WeVideo Creator Community. See you there! 


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