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Video marketing ideas to start the new year strong

/ Nitesh Dutt

2020 has felt like the longest decade... I mean, year ever! With the end in sight, it’s time to look and plan ahead for a successful 2021. 

You can’t have a successful year if the first month is a bad one. January is chock-full of holidays, federal and social, to fill out your marketing calendar. From New Years Day to Community Manager Appreciation Day, which is January 25, there are plenty of days that can be used to create engaging video marketing ideas and connect with audiences on social media (and our cloud-based video editor makes the creation process super simple!). 

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Here are just a few:

New Year’s Day

Every new year brings new hope and chances of success. The only way to have a year full of successful video marketing is to make sure that you start off on the right foot. With WeVideo’s stock library of audio, images and video, you and your company can easily create a video to celebrate the new year. Plus, with your brand logo and one of WeVideo’s motion titles, add your own touch and message to audiences.

National Trivia Day



Everybody loves trivia, right? This social holiday is worth planning ahead of time and could be a fun video idea for your company. Pull together some employees for your own version of Jeopardy and have the questions be focused on the company, services/products and brand. Use motion titles and stock music from WeVideo to give things more of a game show feel. If you have a green screen, you can turn your office into a virtual studio. 

Inauguration Day



Regardless of your stance on politics, Inauguration Day in the United States is always newsworthy as it comes around once every four years. This US-specific day may not be as big for companies across the globe but it controls the headlines for a few days. Your company may not be eager to jump into any political discussion, and that’s okay, but a friendly video to show some patriotism is never a bad thing.

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Get to Know Your Customers Day



This one is self-explanatory and is important for any business looking to sell a product or service. Getting to know your customers’ needs is top of the list of things a marketer should do and creating a video for this hashtag holiday can be a great way to connect with them. Create social media videos to engage your customers and ask questions of who they are and what they’re looking for. This is a day-long holiday, so use their responses to engage with them and provide more content.

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Community Manager Appreciation Day



Another hashtag holiday but with a little twist. Instead of focusing on customers, your brand or your products, highlight someone on your own team. Community Managers are usually tasked with engaging and communicating with audiences on social media. Creating a quick video about who they are helps put a face to the channels. This can be a simple, sit-down style interview or a “day in the life” where they get followed during a normal workday.

Want more video marketing ideas for January and beyond? Check out our marketing calendar now to start planning for a year of successful video!