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6 effective ways you can use video content on your website

/ Adam Steele

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Video content can make your website more engaging, increase your visitors’ dwell time and improve your conversion rate. This means, if you aren’t already publishing videos on your website, there are many reasons why you should start. As a matter of fact, your business needs video marketing.

How can you leverage video marketing to enjoy all of these benefits? Let’s look at six ways you can use videos on your website to grow your business and increase your ROI. 

Create video demos to show how your products work

When you market your product in a way that helps people feel they understand them inside and out, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase with you. A great way to incorporate videos into your website is to create product demonstrations that show off all the necessary applications and features.

This will help inform potential customers about how your items work and what they can be used for. Video demos can also help manage customer expectations to ensure they are satisfied with what they order. This will remove friction from your customer experience, which means you’ll have more happy customers willing to write great testimonials and give positive feedback about your products and services.

A good example of this tactic in action comes from Lume Cube, an eCommerce company dedicated to helping customers with their lighting for online meetings. They have several product demonstrations on their website to showcase what their product does and how their lamp can benefit their users by adjusting the light to different angles for a variety of purposes.

You can use a similar approach by creating product demos that accurately represent what your product or service can do. Put together detailed videos that show how your products or services help your customers, as this will show what kind of value you can offer them and why they should shop with you over your competitors.  

Incorporate video into your written content to make it more engaging 

It’s true that people prefer to consume information and advice in different ways. Some people prefer to read text, while others will prefer an audio or video presentation (there are easy ways to turn your slides into a high-quality video presentation). To reach the most people possible, you’ll want to diversify how you generate content. 

You can add tutorial videos to your written content to break down complex topics that you’re covering. Tutorial videos are a great addition to your content because they make your audience laugh and think about the subject matter at a deeper level while also supporting the content that you write about. 

Let’s look at a company that does a great job of using video content alongside their written content to make their pages more engaging. 

This example comes from the marketing software company ActiveCampaign. They regularly incorporate videos that provide complementary information into their blog posts. Since this blog post in particular is about marketing software tools, they have also provided a video that outlines three steps to choosing the right one. 


The video is short and, in a little under 4 minutes, provides tips for finding the right marketing software. This engages the audience and shares complex information in an approachable and easy to understand manner.

You can use a similar strategy by adding videos to your written content that will enhance your user’s experience and help them find more value in what you’ve published. 

Use video testimonials to prove the value of your services

One very effective way to improve your website’s conversion rate is to ensure it’s designed to earn your visitors’ trust. A great way to do this is with different types of social proof, such as video testimonials

Video testimonials are statements from past customers that describe what your product or service did to help them and are a great way to give your business credibility. This type of testimonial is especially effective because viewers will be more likely to believe the speaker since they can put a face to your positive reviews. 

To give you some inspiration, let’s look at some businesses that do a great job of using video testimonials to prove the value of their products or services. 

Doors Plus, an online store that sells a wide range of doors, uses a testimonial video from a recognizable influencer who is an interior stylist on their homepage to show how they have helped customers in the past. Choosing an interior design professional to give her thoughts on the company’s products is particularly effective, because she’s bound to have a lot of expertise in this area. People who watch her video testimonial will be more likely to find it credible and genuinely helpful. 

Notice how the video starts with the subject detailing the issues she was previously facing and then demonstrating how Doors Plus solved her problems. This approach to creating a video testimonial solidifies the benefits and value of working with the company and can have a greater impact compared to traditional text-based testimonials.

And at Loganix, an online marketing agency, we have included a video testimonial on our local citation building service page. By listening to this testimonial, prospective customers will learn who we typically work with, what kinds of problems we help to solve and what the true value of our service is. And, because all of this information is coming from a client just like them, they’ll be more likely to trust the details they’re being given. 

Both examples show the power of video testimonials and your business can use the same strategy by adding them to your service pages. These videos can help you build trust with your customers and drive more sales over time. Getting compelling video testimonials shouldn’t be hard to do and you can get this done in three easy steps.

Use video to introduce your staff and humanize your business 

Customers want to do business with real people. So, if you can humanize your company, they will feel more connected to your brand and more likely to make a purchase. And, you can use videos to introduce your team and put a face to your business. 

Any opportunity you have to introduce your staff can do wonders for your business. For instance, you could introduce one employee a week and have them explain their role in your company. You could also create videos introducing new staff members and marking significant achievements for your team. 

To give you some inspiration, here’s an example from the law firm Monmouth County Criminal Lawyers.

They have a video on their homepage that introduces the attorneys on their team to show potential clients who they will work with if they decide to hire the firm to fight their case. The video creates an intimate setting where viewers learn about the passion and expertise of different lawyers at the law firm. Showing your staff can help familiarize potential customers with your team, and this can help build trust and strengthen your relationship as customers look for the products or services that you offer. 

You can use the same approach on your website by taking the time to highlight your employees and show how they make your company one of a kind. Before long, you’ll notice your conversions increase as more and more customers connect with your business. 

Produce videos that make important details more interesting

No matter your niche, there will be essential information that prospective customers or clients need to know. However, these details may not be the most exciting and engaging to read about, so it may be worth presenting them in video form instead. 

For instance, you could create videos that show how to assemble your products, instead of writing long instructions that may be confusing or boring to read. You could also provide video tutorials on how customers should maintain your products after buying them to extend their lifespan and get the most out of them. You could even chat through the likes of your warranty or returns policies through video. 

All of this can help make your website and content more engaging, improve your customer experience, and drive more sales. 

Build strong connections by showing BTS of your business

You already know just how important building strong bonds with your customers can be. And you can take these relationships to the next level by offering behind-the-scenes video content that gives your customers a glimpse into how your business operates and your products are made. 

For example, consider taking your viewers on a factory or warehouse tour. You could also film a “day in the life” video for a previously introduced staff member to build a deeper connection with your audience. Any sneak peek you can offer your customers will help them feel more connected and comfortable with your brand, which can help boost your sales and conversions. 

Take a look at this example from mattress company Purple. They have created a video showing various operations in their factory. 

Notice how they have placed this video on their about us page and use the imagery to further prove the fact that their products are made in the USA. This is a great way to capture their viewers’ attention and allow them to see how their products are assembled. It also shows the quality and time that their employees put into each product, so potential customers will feel confident that their mattress will provide a great night’s sleep for many years to come. 

You can use storytelling in your website videos to build connections with your audience by giving them a glimpse into how your business runs. Offering this level of transparency will build credibility and forge valuable connections that turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors. 


Creating videos is becoming an essential part of any effective content marketing strategy. They will engage viewers to help decrease your website’s bounce rate. Videos also provide supplementary material that creates a compelling experience for your valuable target audience.

Take the time to film, edit and publish a variety of video content to ensure all visitors find value in what you have to offer. Before long, you’ll see improvements to your company’s conversion rate and, ultimately, your ROI. 

Author bio

Adam Steele is the COO at Loganix, an SEO fulfillment partner for agencies and marketers. We build easy-to-use SEO services that help businesses scale. If you liked this article, please check out our SEO guides and templates on the Loganix blog.