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Storytelling: More than just telling. It changes everything.

/ Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad

Storytelling through video creation
Telling our own story takes an enormous amount of bravery. The possibility of being understood and affirmed is juxtaposed with the possibility of being judged. No matter what the message communicated is, we know one thing for certain: there was an alteration in perception in the space between the speaker and the listener.

When we share our story, it’s not just a transfer of information. It is a connection between the speaker and the listener. The structure in which the message is rooted is an interconnected network, more than just real-time conversation or a video conglomeration of pixels and sound. It’s an expression, an interchange, and a representation of ideas, thinking, culture and worldviews.

Stories are powerful

The best stories are those that influence action and are told in ways that have the power to change minds and outcomes. The best stories enhance the emotional resonance between the speaker and the listener.

This resonance is similar to how pendulum clocks hanging from the same wall synchronize over time. Scientists have found that as pendulums move back and forth, sound pulses travel through the wall from clock to clock. These pulses can interfere with the swings of the pendulums, eventually causing them to synchronize. Like the two pendulum clocks, conversations and stories that resonate will cause the speaker and listener to emotionally and cognitively sync.

Stories have power. Stories create action. And stories deepen learning. Storytelling resonates with all learners because it provides mental pictures and visual representations for abstract concepts. The words paired with the speaker’s voice creates meaning and elicits an emotional response in the listener. Those emotional connections and feelings create lasting impressions and support knowledge retention.

Storytelling deepens learning

Great teachers are great storytellers. They teach widely accepted content over and over, day by day; but when that content is taught like an interesting story, it becomes an immersive experience for students.

Teachers renew their students as learners and engage them with what feels like brand new content. In doing so, they teach their students to tell stories.

The next time you want your students to answer a question, reflect on their learning, or write a report, why not ask them to create a story through video instead? They’ll not only be more motivated to engage, but they’ll deepen their learning through creative processes: connecting new ideas, building communication skills (like sequencing a story in an interesting way) and speaking courageously.

Let’s give our students opportunities to create and be heard. WeVideo is a platform in which they can share their unique perspectives with the world, and embody the mindset that they don’t have to wait until they grow up to make a difference. Their ideas can impact people now.


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