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Video creation tips with Primal Video's Justin Brown

/ Nitesh Dutt

At the 2020 Social Media Marketing World, we got a chance to speak with Primal Video’s Justin Brown. He sat down with our resident video marketing pro Max to chat about all things video creation and marketing. 

With over 20 years of experience in film production, Justin has spent recent years creating marketing videos for entrepreneurs. As Justin got busier he had to start saying “no” to clients. In 2014, he decided it was time to teach businesses how to make videos so they could create and grow on their own. It was a shift in ideology but one Justin has continued to this day.

Here are a few snippets from the conversation between him and Max in San Diego:

Getting started

Justin gives some of the basics of getting started creating videos and what you need to get started. Find out what tools are best, and most affordable, and what video editing software that’ll get you going.

Top tips for YouTube creators

From getting in your own way and being okay with not being perfect to focusing on the content first, Justin has a lot of tips for those getting started on YouTube and anyone who is looking to build their channel. There’s so much covered in this clip that a few lines can’t do it justice. Watch the whole interview for tips on SEO and the importance of thumbnails.

Why WeVideo?

Justin stumbled upon WeVideo years ago and was blown away by the platform’s capabilities. The ability to work on projects on the cloud and not having to ship hard drives to partners to work on was a huge plus. 

Follow Justin on YouTube at Primal Video for video creation and marketing tips and his website primalvideo.com for even more insight.