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Social media news you need to know this month [November]

/ Kristen Sato

Hey, creators! Here’s what’s making headlines this month in social media. We've got you covered if you're looking to make better social media ads or plan your social media strategy for 2021.

Google tests automated video creation

Image source: Google










Google is testing a new process which would enable businesses to create video assets from static website content, making it easier for brands to move into video content.

Facebook offers ad copy tips to boost performance

If you’re advertising on Facebook, check out their new ad copy tips to help boost your ad performance on the platform.

TikTok partners with Shopify in new social commerce efforts

Image source: Shopify








Shopify has a new channel on TikTok as part of a new partnership to create new commerce features. The collaboration with TikTok aims to broaden the reach of Shopify's over 1 million merchants.

LinkedIn publishes guides to help marketers

Image source: Social Media Today/Dan Santoro/Matt Navarra

Just in time for the holidays, LinkedIn has published three guides for marketers to get the most out of the platform.

Facebook tests adding motion to images in Feed

Photo posts on Facebook may soon have motion, pending tests by Facebook. Effects include zoom and focus, as well as presentation styles for multi-photo posts.

TikTok launches ‘Learn’ feed

In addition to the current “Following” and “For You” feeds on TikTok, a newfeed called “Learn” is being tested. Educational content, including informative videos about cooking, science and art have been featured.

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