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1-on-1 with Instagram expert Jenn Herman

/ Nitesh Dutt

During the 2020 Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA, our good friend, and social media marketing expert, Toccara Karizma had a chance to speak with the world's forefront Instagram blogger Jenn Herman. 

The self-proclaimed "science dork", she has a Master's in Forensic Science, started Jenn's Trends in 2013, and has become a globally recognized expert in Instagram marketing as well as a leading blogger on that front. Her blog has been recognized as a Top 10 Social Media Blog three years in a row (2014-2016).

Here are a few highlights from that conversation:

Creating content that stands out



One of Jenn’s biggest tips is to create with purpose. Don’t post on social media for the sake of posting, make a bold statement with what you put on your channels and do it with purpose. Whether it’s a video, image, or just text, always create meaningful content.

Small business marketing on social media



Stop trying to do everything! That’s an emphasis Jenn makes to small businesses that are looking to expand their social marketing. Be realistic and do as much as you can do while being good. Create good content that resonates. 

Instagram content tips



Herman provides her top 3 tips. Things like having specific colors in your posts to increase engagement, certain components and other ways to add flair while increasing engagement with audiences. 

Ideas for good content



Jenn discusses some of the types of content to create to build your brand and engage audiences. From content focused on FAQs to what questions you would want your audience to ask, Jenn goes over a few of the easiest and quickest types of content to create.

Being better on camera



Jenn says it’s important to remember that people want you to be successful. Minus a few internet trolls, people click on your video to watch you succeed. Some other tips are having someone behind the camera and to always start with a little banter to make things feel more natural. 

Be sure to connect with Jenn on Instagram @jenns_trends, keep up to date with her latest blogs on her website, and check out her YouTube channel to hear more content creation tips.