3 of the Scariest Ghost Videos

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It’s nearly Halloween, and it would be silly not to discuss some of the world’s most famous ghost sightings and actual video encounters. As I’m writing this, I’ve already been out and done my fair share of research. This is great for you because what I have to show you will quite frankly have you looking over your shoulder for the next few weeks and sleeping with one eye open.
If you can get to sleep, that is.

The Gettysburg Ghosts

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania has established itself to be one of the most haunted areas in the United States. During an intense 3 day battle in 1863 more than 7,800 Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives. Tens of thousands were crippled or wounded. When I say there have been hundreds and hundreds of ghost sitings, snapped photos,  loads of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings and much more, I’m not kidding.
This specific spot of Gettysburg is at a National Military Park, and the video you are about to witness is just one of the most interesting and compelling ghost videos that have been shot in the area.

The Bell Witch of Tennessee

The Bell Witch of Tennessee is claimed to be one of the most famous true ghost stories out there. It has inspired a number of movies and documentaries, including 2005’s  An American Haunting. Since then, the Bell Witch of Tennessee has been one of the most documented ‘true’ ghost stories of all time.
In the 1800s, a farmer by the name of John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to Red River, Tennessee. Shortly after they moved in they reported a variety of very strange encounters ranging from:

  • An animal that appeared to be a hybrid between a dog and a rabbit
  • Random hallucinations and night terrors about rats tearing away at the family beds as they sleep
  • Faint whisperings of an old lady softly singing hymns at the dark of night

By 1820, unfortunately, John Bell passed away. After Bell’s funeral, the ghost could be heard singing and laughing loudly in the graveyard.
The video below isn’t a true sighting of the Bell Witch, as unfortunately they didn’t have video cameras back in the 1800’s, but it is a great explanation as to how the tale of the Bell Witch became and what you can expect if you were to visit there today!

The Stanley Hotel:

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado was built in 1909 by the founder of Stanley Steamer, Freeman O, Stanley. When it comes to ghost stories and haunted buildings, the Stanley Hotel is up there with the best of them and claims to be one of the most haunted buildings in America.
There have been ghost sightings and strange goings-on at the hotel documented by guests and staff for decades including:

  • Staff reports of sounds of parties going on in the main ballroom
  • Ghosts standing at the end of their beds in the middle of the night
  • The ghost of Freelan Stanley’s wife performing on the piano in the lobby

All madness aside, what really made the Stanley Hotel famous was when author Stephen King actually lived at the hotel for a time and had his own ghostly experience. King reported seeing a faint ghostly figure at the top of the stairs one night before bedIt was this mysterious sighting he witnessed, that inspired King’s movie The Shining. The hotel now runs the film version of “The Shining” on a continuous loop to the guest televisions.

And One More…

During my research, I found one particular video that I had to share. It’s hard to make out what they are saying, and it’s at night so it’s hard to see what they are looking for. Watch if you dare and hold on tight, as this is just CREEPY! Here’s a tip: Don’t look at the eyes!

Have you ever come in contact with a ghostly experience? Or, even better, caught it on camera! We’d love to hear about it here at WeVideo. Please share your story below and comment on any of the videos you’ve just watched here.

Happy Halloween!