How to create a video from a slide deck

/ Max Thorpe

In this episode of Tuesday Tips & Tricks, Max and Tyler go over two ways to turn a slide deck presentation into a video. The first, slightly more complex, way lends more freedom for the use of transitions and other video elements. For this method, Tyler exported all of the slides as separate JPEG files and uploaded them into WeVideo. He then created a voiceover to provide narration to the slides. Since the slides were each separate images it was easy to add transitions between each of them.

Alternatively, Tyler and Max demonstrated how to use simultaneous screen and webcam recording to record their slide deck while narrating. This process is faster and doesn't require uploading anything, but does not allow for the use of transitions.

In addition to converting the slide deck into a video, Tyler and Max went over the basic features available on the Free plan and how to split clips.