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Turn your slides into a high-quality video presentation

/ Nitesh Dutt

From webinars and boardroom meetings to company updates and classroom presentations, slideshows play an important role in getting information out to your audience. 

With meetings, classes and pretty much everything else shared over Zoom or links, slides have become more of a presentation. It’s easy to keep yourself on-camera while giving a presentation so it feels like the real thing. 

If you’re unsure how to get started or how to turn your presentation into a video, check out the video below.


You’re probably wondering, “Why would I turn my slide presentation into a video?” There are several benefits to doing so and we’ll go over a few of them.

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Make it perfect

It’s been said countless times: practice makes perfect. You can practice presenting your slides over and over, but when you’re in front of others you only get one shot. By recording your presentation in video, you can do so until it feels absolutely perfect to you. Any stumble or mumble can be erased until things come out smoothly.

Edit it to your liking

The one downside to giving a presentation live is you only get one chance and it can sometimes be pretty mundane. Recording and putting it in video gives you a chance to add that extra finesse to make it memorable for audiences. 

Make everything work

Some slide presentations include videos, GIFs or audio. Sometimes those pieces of media don’t play the way they’re supposed to. That’s another benefit of turning your slides into a video presentation. As you go through the presentation, you can make sure everything is working as it should and each piece of media plays correctly. If it doesn’t, stop and do it again. This ties into the top benefit of making it perfect. 

Easy to share

Let’s play a game. You receive two emails. One has a large file attached to it; the other has a link to a video. Which would you prefer to receive? Most of us, if not all, would prefer a link to a video. Turning your slides into a video presentation provides you with an easy-to-share link that never needs to be downloaded or uploaded any time someone wants to send the presentation to others. The easier your presentation is to share, the more people see it and the larger the reach.

With all that in mind, creating a video out of a slide presentation has a multitude of benefits and with the right tools and tips can be done easily and quickly.

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