Create and share memories with slideshows

/ Nitesh Dutt

A very common video project that students, businesses, and everyday creators enjoy making is a photo story or slideshow. Using multiple images, some quick videos and WeVideo's extensive set of features creating one has never been easier.

Step 1:  Upload assets

Gather the images, videos, and audio that you plan to use in your slideshow and upload them to WeVideo. You can upload media files directly from your computer or device or if you have them stored in a cloud service website, like Google Drive or Dropbox, connect to it from WeVideo and export them from there.

Step 2:  Make it professional

There are several ways to give your slideshow a professional look. You can choose from our selection of professionally-designed and customizable motion titles, add captions to your video, give you photos an animation effect (which we'll go over below), and you can even pick your own format.

Step 3:  Do it like Ken!

The Ken Burns effect is named for, you guessed it, Ken Burns. The famed documentarian is known for his legendary films where many still images are used to tell a story. Your photo story can have the same effect with our multi-select function. When selecting media to drop into your timeline just hold SHIFT and select multiple images. Drag and drop them into the editor, you'll then be given an option to give your clips the Ken Burns effect which is simply applying animation to all of your clips.

Step 4:  Publish and share

Once you are happy with your video, publish. All your videos are automatically published to WeVideo. From here you can share a link or even publish to social channels.

We can’t wait to see the videos you create. If you’d like to take your story to the next level (remove a theme, add narrations, picture in picture, manually adjust Ken Burns, etc.), switch to the Timeline editor. This allows you to add different layers to your story and have access to more advanced features like opacity and volume controls.

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