Contributed by:
Sean O'Brien | Science Teacher and NHS Advisor | Bethel Park, PA, USA

3rd grade walk through of WeVideo

3rd grade walk through of WeVideo

Check out this amazing weather PSA project submitted by the multi-talented WeVideo education ambassador Mr. Sean O'Brien! In this activity he has his students create a public service announcement about one of the five most dangerous weather conditions teaching us about how it forms, the dangers associated with it, and how to be safe if it occurs.

Video creation is special in that it offers students a lot of opportunities to show their thinking in a different way and highlight their understanding as they progress through an activity, lesson, or unit. Let students get creative  and share their knowledge about inclement weather conditions in this fun take on a traditional expository writing assignment!

Sean is a high school science teacher and NHS advisor. Follow him on Twitter to see more of the inspiring work he creates with his students! 

Twitter: @MrOBrien320