Podcasting + Videocasting + WeVideo

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Podcasting + Videocasting + WeVideo

Dr. Dan Kreiness shares best practices for creating engaging podcasts and vodcasts with – you guessed it – WeVideo! See how teachers, students, and schools at-large can produce high-quality content using WeVideo’s creation tools.

Dan Kreiness 

Dr. Dan Kreiness is an instructional coach for digital learning with the Norwalk Public Schools in Norwalk, Connecticut. Dr. Kreiness has served in several school districts in New York and Connecticut over the past 17 years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and administrator. Dr. Kreiness also supports a more global education audience as the host of the popular Leader of Learning podcast along with a successful YouTube channel and online course academy. More information about him and his brand can be found at leaderoflearning.com.

Ryan Kochevar

Ryan is WeVideo's Customer Success Enablement and Programs Manager with over a decade of experience in K-12 education. Ryan creates instructional resources, designs and leads teacher training and workshops, and provides all kinds of ideas on how to use WeVideo in the K-12 classroom. Ryan holds a Master's degree in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with an emphasis in educational technologies from Sonoma State University.