Contributed by:
Dr. Karen L. Jackson | Instructional Technology Specialist | Temple, TX, USA

Spanish/English vocabulary station

Spanish/English vocabulary station

This video was student produced using WeVideo, a document camera, and a cell phone. The phone was used to create and crop the still images. The document camera was used to record using a Chromebook. The purpose was to create a vocabulary station where bilingual students could practice reading and speaking their English and Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish-vocabulary-1 Spanish-vocabulary-2

The students loved the fact that their peers were making videos. The vocabulary station is a hit, and students are ready to create the next unit’s vocabulary video.

These three students were in 5th grade, but this can be a great set up for any bilingual students from grades 4-12. They only needed one lesson for the software editing, and then they were able to work independently!


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