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Jon Corippo | Executive Director of | Coarsegold, California, USA

Edit fast! The Circus Wagon

Edit fast! The Circus Wagon


About 8 years ago, I had a video class epiphany: I was spending too much time on everything BUT editing. I had them doing so many things that took time (script writing, acting, sets) that it was taking away from their ability to CUT UP SOME VIDEO and pop something out. Below are the 3 elements of getting kids skilled at EDITING. By focusing on these 3 and doing it quickly, kids were able to learn VIDEO EDITING more quickly. And that was goal of the class, VIDEO EDITING.


This step-by-step lesson tutorial provides students a quick and fun way to learn how to edit. We are going for speed, not quality. We aren’t writing a script. We will probably delete this project when done. The goal is to quickly learn any editing software and be able to crank something out in one period.



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