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Create your own YouTube tutorial with these 5 tips

/ Nitesh Dutt



Do you ever dream of becoming an influencer and running your own successful YouTube tutorial channel?

In this blog, we’ll give you tips that will help you get started creating your very own YouTube tutorial video. We’ve created countless tutorial videos of our own on how to use our video editor, which have helped hundreds of thousands of our users.

Tip 1: Start off strong

Like any form of content, your introduction is key to getting viewers to stick around. On YouTube, you want an introduction that will capture viewers' attention in the first 5 seconds, tell them what they’ll learn, why they should trust you and ask them to subscribe. Just like we did in our video tutorial.


Tip 2: Script it out

Like any other marketing video, movie, tv commercial or other type of video, it’s always a good idea to have a script handy. Writing a script doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s as easy as jotting down a few important points you want to highlight or something you want to follow line-by-line. The more knowledge you have on what you’re giving a tutorial on, the more you can improvise. The script will keep you on track and guide you when shooting and editing. 


Tip 3: Follow the K.I.S.S. method

Keep It Simple, Stu...you get the point. You could be filming a tutorial video about some sophisticated software or difficult piece of hardware, but that doesn’t mean the way you describe it has to be. Use simple language that any viewer can understand. You never know who will come across your video and the easier it is to follow the more likely it is they’ll be back.


Tip 4: Add visual aids

The worst thing you can do in a tutorial video is to not use any visual aids. We don’t necessarily mean slideshows or images, but arrows or circles that call out specific parts of a product that you may be talking about. These small visual cues can be extremely helpful to novices who are watching your videos.


Tip 5: Share your knowledge

Chances are you’re creating a tutorial video to help people understand something you know incredibly well. It only makes sense that you’d share as much knowledge as you can to make your video great. Not only does this ensure your tutorial video will be helpful and well-received, but the more you share the better chances that people will come back to you for information. 


For more help on creating a tutorial video, check out the How-to: Tutorial blog.

There you have it; some tips to get you started and set you on the right path to making your own tutorial video. Remember to pick something you’re not only familiar with but passionate about as well. A little passion helps keep the video engaging and resonates with your audience. If you would like to explore more about YouTube, check our Complete guide to YouTube marketing.

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